A Lady Still Longs For a Gentleman

“What do you think about a gentleman?” I ask.

Her eyes shine, a smile inching across her face, and she gathers her knees to her chest. “I love when Harry rises when Ginny walks into the room.”

Dear Daughter …

When many say that in our day chivalry is no longer demanded, wanting not your heart to believe the lies, I’ll be a little more candid.

When searching for the qualities to seek in this modern age, Daughter, let’s open wide the Bible and respectfully turn the page.

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When you are weak, needing strength, and struggling to see this thing thru, He will take your lifeless body and breathe life back into you.

When you’re feeling abandoned, lost, not knowing what to do, He’ll offer you his hand, giving counseling and guidance, too.

When past mistakes try to compress the air from the weighted chest, He’ll cast them all away, as far as the east is from the west.

When bad choices seem to define you in all the perceived land, He’ll push back your attackers, drawing a firm line into the sand.

When your simple, best attempts somehow seem to become divine, it’s because he’ll turn the humble water into the choicest wine.

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When needs are short, supplies are few, and takers come in droves, He’ll take the little you possess and multiply the loaves.

When your downcast face reveals the painful details of your day, He’ll listen to your earnest heart, hearing every word you say.

When you’re dying inside, a harmful action could surely kill, He’ll sooth your heart with gentle words; His loving touch will heal.

When you are blinded by the enemy’s daily, constant lies, The Gentleman’s hand will grace your face and open wide your eyes.

When at the end of all your self, conviction jabbing like a knife, He’ll give you hope anew that day by laying down his life.

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Oh, Daughter …

When you feel confused, Dear One, you needn’t wonder any more; simply knock, and He will answer, opening every door.

When He treats with favor, rising with your entry to a room, know these are the gracious actions of a gentle, treasured groom.

When you hear the world’s many false complaints against the God-made plan, Daughter, fix your eyes and take the strong hand of the Gentle Man.

©shelli littleton

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“God created man in his own image …” –Genesis 1:27

I’ve heard men say that some women won’t let them open the door for them. Unreal. I want my daughters to value those kind actions … to seek that gentleness and respect, because there are ladies who still treasure those actions. What do you want young people to know?


On her knees
she stands accused
like a child.

Her heart skips straight to her Father.
And in that quiet place
her heart rips and tears to shreds.
Her heart bleeds over the pain she’s caused herself and others.

And the tears …

And she cries out to God

I can’t withstand this much longer.
How long?

How long will this tarry?
Oh, Lord, how long will You tarry.
Because I don’t know how long I can tarry.

And He scoops His broken, lifeless child in His hands.
He rips the enemy’s accusation.
He resuscitates her with His righteousness.
Because He is completely guilty of loving her.
And He stands her to her feet.

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18


The enemy will graze us with guilt-ridden jeers, then he’ll turn and graze on our every single tear.

The guile of the enemy is to remind us of our guilt, knowing full well he is guilty, too.


Reaching Up

Help me
I want to be
Far from pain
In a world of gain. 

Help me
It’s hard to see
A different me
Yeah, a different me. 

I’m reaching up
Take this cup
You are my hero; you are my rescue; you are my Savior
Come for me. 

Help me
I want to be
Free at last
Far from the past 

Help me
Your face I see
You’ve come for me
Yeah, You’ve come for me. 

I’m reaching up
Take this cup
You are my hero; you are my rescue; you are my Savior
Come for me.
Song written for my beloved grandmother.
©Shelli Littleton 2013



When pain pierces into your heart and your head
And sadly, you see where your choices have led
And undoubtedly, you have made your own bed
And you wonder about shelter or will you be fed
And you’re tired of a hand out and begging for bread
And you grow weary of tears from living with dread
And being surrounded by the living dead
And you’re tired of happiness dependent on meds
And you’re tired of finances forever written in red
And you’re tired of two steps backwards, only one step ahead
And you’re tired of being tired, no strength, not a shred
And you’re tired of hanging on by a very thin thread
And you’re contemplating relief from a cartridge of lead
Choose Jesus instead
Born in a lowly manger bed
The disciples He led
5,000 He fed
A price on His head
Sweat drops of red
Up to Calvary was led
Suffered and bled
His blood freely shed
Punished for sin in our stead
Rose 3 days from the dead
The Bridegroom to wed
Our daily bread
Who hates sin, every shred
Who loves you, every thread
Will judge the living and dead
Jesus …

No more tears, no more dread
You will not be misled

And everybody said?


By Shelli Littleton Copyright 2014


We are in the midst of an ice storm
In Texas.
We are so blessed to still have electricity.
We are doubly blessed to have a warm home
To have food 
To have each other
To have
To have Jesus.

We have to be prepared for life’s storms.
They will come.
What will hold us up through life’s storms?
The storms that weigh heavy
The storms that threaten to break us
The storms that cloud everything living
The storms that seek to bind
“The Lord is my shepherd
Psalm 23
Simple as that.
In other words:
Lord, you are all I need.

Through the cold
He brings warmth
He brings life
He brings stability
He brings freedom

To have

And it is that simple.
We can’t trust ourselves.
We can’t even trust what we think about
Over-rated is self-esteem
So unpredictable it seems
It will lie to you whenever it deems

Self is here
Self is there
Self is everywhere

Self can’t be trusted
Was given a chance, but got busted
For after others it lusted

Christ-esteem is a worthy endeavor
He doesn’t change, the same forever
Will He lie to you? No, not ever

Is a lethal infection
That needs a Christ injection

By Shelli Littleton Copyright 2013

Only in God can we trust.

We can have
each other
self esteem

But without Jesus
We are utterly destitute.

See the big picture

Do You?

Remembering what our Jesus went through for us …

So that we could go through life with Him. 

Do You?

Do you ever feel abandoned?
Do you ever feel despair?
Do you watch a loved one turn and go?
Do you watch the fragments tear?
Do you hear the words: “I – hate – you”?
Do you feel them pierce your heart?
Do you feel your whole world shatter?
Do you gather broken parts?
Do you realize your Jesus knows?
Do you know what He went through?
Do you ponder His heart-wrenching question:
“You do not want to leave too, do you?”
Inspired by John 6:67 NIV
By Shelli Littleton Copyright 2013

Jesus, you are breathtaking.




“Your daughter has a Wilms tumor”
And your heart sinks
You grab her sleeping body in your arms and as you rock,
You capture the way that she breathes and the way that she blinks
And you are overwhelmed
And then God came down
Through sisters and brothers just like you
Courage comes and fear seems to drown
And you know that you can face this day
And you can face the next day
And you walk on stones of faith and hope and love
And at Jesus’ feet, overwhelm is laid.

– by Shelli Littleton (copyright 2013)

2001 at Cook Childrens
2001 at The Ronald McDonald House



When you are mourning loss~
And oh, it comes in many forms~

loss of a child
loss of a spouse
loss of sound mind
loss of your house

loss of security
loss of mobility
loss of acceptance
loss of tranquility

And your throat is tight from restricting the tears
And why the pain for so many years?
And the tears still come
And you wonder is their an escape from …

the pain


Gaze upon the Bright Morning Star.
And you “will” gain.

– by Shelli Littleton (copyright 2013)



Dear Martha and Dear Mary

Dear Martha

One sitting at those precious feet

Listening to Jesus sharing
One is steadily working
Accusing Him of not caring.
You saw He raised your brother
Surely heard water turned to wine
Saturate the feet of Jesus, Martha
Is there a perfume too fine?
Sit at the feet of Jesus, Martha
The distractions will be okay
Emulate Mary; do the best thing
“It will not be taken away.”
When giving a dinner in Jesus’ honor
Let Him graciously pick up the bill
Take off those shoes; recline with Him
And your house He will fragrantly fill.
“Martha, Martha, ‘Only one thing is needed,'”
Jesus would lovingly chide
Didn’t you know by now, Dear Martha
That Jesus would always provide?
– by Shelli Littleton (copyright 2013)
Dear Mary

One sitting at those precious feet

That will never be taken away
One complaining, “Tell her to help me”
But at Jesus’ feet you did stay.
You saw He raised your brother
Surely heard water turned to wine
You would saturate the feet of Jesus
There was no perfume too fine.
You sat at the feet of Jesus, Mary
The distractions weren’t a care
You poured the oil on His precious feet
And wiped them with your hair.
When a dinner was given in Jesus’ honor
You let Him graciously pick up the bill
When others would scold, He said, “Leave her alone”
And your house He did fragrantly fill.
Mary, Mary, you chose the best
As Jesus would lovingly side
Because you knew in your heart, Dear Mary
Jesus would always provide.
– by Shelli Littleton (copyright 2013)
Our family; God’s sweet provision

When it Rains

When it rains
let a sister or brother help you take cover
so you can capture and conquer it to aid another
“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,<sup class="crossreference" value="(H)”>
the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort,
who comforts us<sup class="crossreference" value="(I)”> in all our troubles,
so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort
we ourselves receive from God.”
2 Corinthians 1:3-4

"So" Loved

When life is tough, you just feel rough,
nothing goes right, money is tight,
you just feel low, not a thread to sew
… remember …
you are

so loved
(John 3:16).


I ran over a curb today,

after digging through my purse at a stop sign to make a donation!

I can’t do two things at once.

Karalee said, “Mom, I’m embarrassed.”

I was just as embarrassed.

Then we all got tickled about it.

Praising God for a rainy day.

Love, Shelli