Hot Potato, Hot Potato, One, Two …

Page after silky page of that first chapter, I turn. My focus returns to the computer screen. It’s like a foreign language. A sadness overtakes my soul. Will this be another class that seeks to drive us straight into the ground of hopelessness? My daughter’s confused expression begs the same question. How do I help her carry the weight of this? I shouldn’t help? But that’s not my mama nature. It’s certainly not God’s nature.

How can we abandon the ones we love?

My mind swirls back to that calm summer day, sitting on the front porch and watching her toddler-size-2 shoes come my way. Baby Girl tripped on a land timber and her face hit the cement. Praise God she didn’t lose her teeth, but oh, her lip. I swept her into my arms, as her tears soaked into my shoulder. I sank under her weight as we both cried. When she finally woke, with a swollen lip, she said, “Big.”

20.Karalee's busted lip - Copy (2)Some things are too big to carry alone. We aren’t strong enough to keep holding the weight ourselves. But we carry each other’s burdens. That’s God’s way. 

But it’s painful, burdensome, crushing …

“I don’t know, baby. But keep reading, and when I return, we’ll figure something out.” Let’s pray over this together, I should have said.

She smiles. “Okay, Mama.” Her shoulders rise. Is her load a little lighter?

My shoulders inch toward the ground. Carrying burdens might be your way, God, but …

DSC_7533 (8) - CopyI buckle myself into the truck, and we trample gravel and black-top toward the feed store. My stomach knots, tears stinging my eyes. Because I’m so much older than her, if I can’t understand this, how can she? How can I expect her to?

“Are you going inside the feed store?”

“No,” I say. “I’m too discouraged. I don’t feel good, and I don’t want to have to see or talk to anyone right now.” I smile, laughter slipping out through my hesitant heart. Being honest can have its pluses.

The truck rocks with the oncoming, overbearing weight of hay. One bundle, two …

The big hunk of metal sinks and finally stills under the bulky pressure.

God, help. Please, help. We can’t take a heavy burden right now. It’s too heavy for her, and it’s too heavy for me. We can’t even carry it together. And I just don’t want to. Hot potato, hot potato, one, two … Lord, be my three. Be the one who always gets stuck with the three. The one who takes the searing heat. Because it’s never too heavy or hot for you.

Returning home, I stare out the window, trying to shift into a better humor. Black cows. Brown horses. Blue sky. Green trees.

The hay is removed, the weight is lifted, the truck rising.

DSC_7535 (6) - CopyAfter opening the garage door, I head into the house. Both my girls are sitting at the table, staring over the computer.

“We figured it out, Mama.” One, they’re smiling.

“You figured it out.” And two, I’m smiling.

How could we possibly exist without The Three? 

How has God been The Three for you lately?

8 thoughts on “Hot Potato, Hot Potato, One, Two …

  1. Katie Powner

    A wonderful reminder, Shelli, that there is so little we can do on our own…but no limit to what we can do with God. He has been my Three this week as we received some very crushing news. He has kept His hand under me so that even though I stumble, I do not fall.

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  2. I loved this, dear Shelli. I love, love, love the last picture too.
    Yes, I always wish He’d be my three so I don’t have to bear the heat. I’ve even reminded Him He’s perfect and I’m not anywhere close to being even reasonably good. But in the end, like you said, He is there for us.
    Today I wanted to ask someone to pray about a meeting I needed to attend. I was too busy to ask anyone except my husband. His prayers soothe me the most. But I felt like I needed more. Then just before the meeting, I received an email telling me the situation was being prayed for. Huge sigh of relief, Huge praise to God. And huge peace for me through the whole thing. 🙂
    God is generously good.
    Blessings ~ Wendy Mac

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    1. That’s the sweetest thing, Wendy Mac. God settled your heart … He knew you thought you needed prayer, and He let you know He had it all covered. ❤ I'll share something that happened this week. The girls and I are taking a trip in a few months. Someone else secured the tickets for us and accidentally put the wrong return date. Yikes. It was going to cost $600 to change the date, plus $180 for the difference in the cost from two months ago (when we bought the tickets) to now. I cried. I felt so sick. But I begged God to help me. I hated the thought of throwing that money away. I wrote the airline, and they waived the change fee. I couldn't believe it. It felt like a miracle. I did have to pay the $180 extra, but that didn't seem much at all anymore. 🙂

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  3. Awww, Shelli. Your post brought tears to my eyes. I always want God to be my three too. I needed this reminder this morning. More than you know. I’m so glad your girls–and their Father–figured out the Thing. He is truly faithful, isn’t He?

    Hugs, friend!

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