But I, with a song of thanksgiving, will sacrifice to you. What I have vowed
I will make good. Salvation comes from the LORD.
Jonah 2:9 
When our daughter Karalee was tiny, we met my husband for a lunch date.
Outside his workplace in the car, we waited for his grand arrival.
Since he was active duty in the U.S. Air Force, he proudly sported his military camouflage uniform. Karalee couldn’t wait for her daddy to walk out.
The problem was … she was looking to identify him by his uniform.
I couldn’t help but get tickled and even a tiny bit embarrassed because
every man who came out wearing a uniform was
her daddy!
A man would walk out of the building, and she’d shout, “Daddy!” Not “daddy.”
The next man would walk out, and again she would shout, “Daddy!” Not “daddy.”
Only one of those men walking out was her daddy,
but she was so easily, unintentionally deceived.
Notice in this verse Jonah adds, “Salvation comes from the Lord.”
God spoke hugely to me on this aspect. I suddenly realized:
We often look to idols to save us.
Like Eve, we are deceived.
We exchange God’s salvation for hopes of an idol’s salvation.
The sad part is an idol can never save; only God can save.
We elevate things or people to a position only God deserves and look to those things to somehow save us.
In turn, we place our faith and trust in them.
            God certainly gained my attention through this,
and maybe He gained yours, as well.
Is there anything you unintentionally place above God for salvation?
Is there something you are clinging too tightly in your hand?
There are many possibilities–family, relationships, desire to be married, money, higher education, new job, success, affirmation, weight loss, physical healing;
the list is endless.
Remember, these things are not bad.
They are all good things; but never look to them for salvation.
Remove them from your heart’s pedestal;
keep them in proper perspective.
Hold them loosely.
An idol is really Satan’s lie.
We unintentionally step on that spiral down
when we buy into the lie that anything other than God can save.
We soon realize we’ve been robbed by Satan. Deceived.
But make no mistake–Satan is intentional.
Never forget there is only one Savior.  
And there is no God apart from me, a righteous God and a Savior; there is none but me. Turn to me and be saved, all you ends of the earth;
for I am God, and there is no other.
Isaiah 45:21-22
Do not be deceived.
Turn to God; He promises to grant strength and comfort. He will save.
He will change us from the inside out and give us
a glimpse of what it is like to know
 true love, loyalty, and faithfulness.
Put Him above all else, and we will be miraculously transformed.
Let us take ourselves and our problems out of our own mental spotlight.
Let’s hop right out of the equation.
Let us give God His deserving place–first place. 
Paraphrased excerpt taken from: A Gift Worth Keeping: It Goes with my Décor!
By Shelli Littleton
Copyright 2013

A Gift Worth Keeping: It Goes with My Décor!

I wrote a book! Friends, I am so excited to say that my book, A Gift Worth Keeping: It Goes with My Décor! is finally off my computer and into print! I wrote this book in 2007 and have been slowly editing and working on it through the years. This is my story of surviving hardships, and I pray it might encourage others.

My prayer is that one would walk away with at least two things: (1) a different way to view hardships and (2) a real course of action to take to survive them victoriously.

I was blessed to speak on my book to my wonderful San Angelo church family years back. I will never forget a precious lady coming up to me afterwards … she wanted me to know that she had lost three children. Horrible tragedy. Yet, she was encouraged by this message. Though tragic, I cannot relay how my heart leapt with joy knowing God had used this simple message to encourage. To encourage her.

Please keep this little work in your prayers. I can’t tell you how much I have prayed on my face over this work. And know this is no money-maker; I have a ton invested in it. But I am asking God to use it, and my heart’s one desire is that God be glorified through it.

It is out on Amazon and Barnes and Noble already. If you find it worthy, I ask you to please pass it on to anyone you know struggling through hardships and needing encouragement (this would make an endearing Christmas gift with Jesus’ birthday just around the corner).

Most of you know I went through infertility, the adoption process, a miscarriage (tubal pregnancy), and our youngest baby girl surviving a Wilms tumor (cancer, chemo, the works) at only 13 months old. This book describes how I personally survived, and how anyone else can survive hardships. One doesn’t have to have gone through the exact hardships as I to be encouraged by this message.

Writing this book was the most amazing journey with God I have experienced to this point in my life. This work has my heart and my tears all over it. And it is girly in every way (sorry guys!)!


Barnes and Noble



Blessed by you, and there is no way to relay what your support would mean to me.


ps. If you read this book and are blessed in any way, I’d love to hear from you.