My Book

I’ve written a non-fiction book, A Gift Worth Keeping: It Goes With My Decor! … back in 2007, published it through LifeWay in 2013. I call it my “speaking book” because I use the outline of the book for my speaking presentation. It’s my story of surviving hardships.


My prayer is that one might walk away with at least two things from this book: (1) a different way to view hardships, and (2) a real course of action to take to survive hardships victoriously.

Years back, a precious lady approached me after a speaking engagement, wanting me to know that she had lost three children. Tragic. Yet, she was encouraged by this message. My heart leapt with joy knowing God had used this simple message to encourage … to encourage her precious heart.

I endured infertility, the adoption process, a miscarriage (tubal pregnancy), and our youngest daughter surviving a Wilms tumor (cancer, chemo) at only 13 months old. One doesn’t have to have endured the exact hardships as me to be encouraged by this message.

And please don’t think I have surviving hardships down pat. No, I still cry my heart out when times get tough. I still throw a temper tantrum. But I think God gave me this message to remind me continually that He has my back, no matter how hard life gets.

If you find it worthy, I ask you to please pass it on to anyone you know struggling through hardships and needing encouragement. And if you read it and are blessed in any way, I’d love to hear from you.

Blessed by you,