Destruction often comes in the middle of the night. While we are absent minded. While we sleep in peace.

Going out that next morning to feed the two sheep, one sheep is without the other. That is unusual. They are always together.

The one is distraught. She stands at the trail-head bleating.

Her heart bleeding.

We know she is signaling trouble. We walk down the trail she has led us to … and we see the other baby lifeless on the ground. Devoured.

My heart and soul fall to the ground in pain. Heart pain. I feel myself collapse into the arms of God, through fear’s temptation of what may lurk.

They had always remained in the barn throughout the night. It was necessity for safety, and it was pure God-Giving instinct. But our neighbors recently acquired a few animalsgoats, donkeyand walking out of safety’s shelter had been tempting. They had no idea the danger that awaited.

We can only assume that a panther, or big cat, took her down [rumors of panther sightings]. There were no prints. The cat may have jumped down from a tree to attack, immediately dragging her into the leaves where we found her. And a few weeks ago, our neighbor’s 50 lb. young goat totally disappeared without a trace. The predator had to be strong to jump their fence with a 50 lb. goat.

Sheep were not made to go it alone. They were made for God-Giving camaraderie. Sandy has been so needy, distraught, distressed, afraid. When I leave her to return to the house, she runs to the fencehopped over it onceruns back and forth looking for someone, anyone, bleats. Her heart is still bleeding. She absolutely can not go it alone. She misses her sister. We miss our Bindi girl, the black sheep of our family.

We seemed to be left with two choices: (1) find her a home with other sheep, or (2) get a new sheep, a new addition to our family. A new sister for her. And that’s what we did.

Meet our newest necessity, Ginny [named after Ginny Weasley].


We weren’t made to go solo. We weren’t meant to go it alone in this world.

Karalee and Katelyn

Shelli (1 year old) and her sister (3 years old)
Freckles and Snowy
Hermione and Blue
We were made for God-Giving camaraderie. Sheer necessity. The Lord is our Shepherd, our shelter, our safety. Without Him, we are running to and fro, tossing to and fro, crying, mouths bleating, hearts bleeding … and we are often oblivious. We need Him.

Only devastation awaits outside His safety, His protection. It only takes one foot out to feel the heat of the predator, the breath of death.

Jesus is our shawl of life, wrapping us securely with His love and intention, enabling us to walk out into this life wilderness with an enduring, withstanding heart comfort. No fear. Enabling us to see with eyes wide open amidst the flakes that graze our faces.

The Shepherd searches for us, longs for us, extends Himself to us. Will we enter His gatesHis God Giving, Spirit Giving, Savior Giving, Shelter Giving, Peace Giving, Trust Giving, Faith Giving, Love Giving, Word Giving, Life Giving gatesthis Thanks-Giving?


“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

14 thoughts on “Necessity

  1. Oh, I hate to hear that about your sheep. So sad. But I'm happy to see y'all got another. The picture of the kittens is adorable. I'm a cat person. 🙂
    I'm so thankful today that we are not alone. Blessed with friends, family, and a Saviour who won't forsake.
    Love that!


  2. Anonymous

    You made me cry but what a beautiful lesson their is in this! I've love your blog posts, thier inspiring and full laughter! Don't ever let people tell you can't make in the writing biz, you've got talent! Don't ever give up in something you love; when you write let God guide you as you write! Have a wonderful Turkey day!


  3. Shelli, what a wonderfully touching message you've shared with us. Your daughters are so beautiful. I'm glad you decided to get another sheep rather than give the lonely one away. I love happy endings.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀


  4. Me, too, Wendy … we lost one … it would have hurt so much to lose the other, too.

    She has settled down, and the two seem to be getting along very well. Sandy would head butt the little one quite a bit at first … but now, she does it more tenderly, in play and love.

    Aw, I love happy endings, too. I'm really enjoying all these Hallmark Christmas love stories! 🙂


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