The teenage daughter is driving on the old two lane highway. It’s a difficult road to maneuver for numerous reasons, but …

(1) it’s hard to pass when you get behind someone slow (2) it seems driven by impatient drivers. And (3) unfortunately, it’s not the road less traveled.

When someone is turning left and waiting for oncoming traffic to clear before turning, it never fails that impatient drivers will go around, passing on the right roadside. When they do this, their vehicle throws up dust, dirt, and rocks. And they pass rather rapidly because their impatience seems to be rushing them, holding a fire to them. Even pulling a trailer, they seem to think they are zipping by in a Mercedes.

This clearly seemed against the law. But after a little research, apparently, there is a Texas law 545.058. DRIVING ON IMPROVED SHOULDER”  that allows for this if one is passing on an “improved” shoulder and the person turning left is completely stopped or slowing. But it doesn’t seem safe and the debris flies. [And at one part of the highway, there are five signs stating: “No passing on shoulder. $180 fine.]

Just yesterday, a large truck was in front of me as we were cruising along at 60. Apparently, a car in front of them stopped to turn. The truck’s height and width made seeing ahead difficult. The large truck waited till the last minute to pass the car on the shoulder at full speed. They didn’t slow down at all. I was instantly facing a stopped car, flying debris, forcing me to either hit the brakes or take the shoulder.

Once, a car was turning left in front of me. They were not waiting on another car, they just simply slowed to turn. So I waited for them mere seconds, then proceeded after they turned. There was absolutely no need to pass. The car behind me, trying to pass us both on the right, began driving alongside me on that road. Me on the lane, them on the shoulder. Side by side. Dust and rock hitting my car from their impatience. Their determination to get ahead left me fearful to proceed until the dust settled.

And that’ll make a Southern belle’s blood pressure rise. That right there. Because the last thing I need is another crack in my windshield. And they put my girls and me in danger.

It made no sense. Why couldn’t they have waited mere seconds?

Slowing down to wait on others is a matter of trust. Trust in God’s protection.  Trust in His path and plan. Trust to learn something new. Trust to see something new.


On this old two lane highway of life which is definitely not the road less traveled, we are continually surrounded by the slow, the impatient. With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s important to slow down. O Soul within, slow.

The lines will be busy. The pressure will arise to beat that person in line or to the next intersection.

But it’s common knowledge that if we rush ahead, more than likely, dirt, dust, and rocks are being thrown back on the ones behind. On our beloveds. And more than likely, precious arms are being held up to prevent the blinding. O Soul within, take notice.

What will those few minutes cost? What will it cost loved ones?

What is God trying to reveal in the slow-down?

Once upon a time, I cost a loved one greatly. Oh, years and years ago, but precious arms remain held up from the needless dust and debris that continues to fly. Oh, how I’d give anything to turn back the clock. There is no turning back the clock. There is no turning back the clock on my youth or the haphazard danger.

Danger. Danger. Why? Because I didn’t proceed with caution. I turned a blind eye to the warning sign. Without thinking, I plowed right over. God was not the center of my life, and as much as it hurts to say—oh, how it hurts to say—obviously, I didn’t care. O Soul within, one plus one does make two.

And regardless of seemingly haphazard effort, the situation may never mend. Why? Because precious arms are still covering eyes, fearful of dust and rock remembered flying. It’s safe now, but the realization will never comeheart rate still speeding, blood pressure still rising, anger still fumingbecause fear to uncover eyes persists. And rightly so.

Yeah. We each have been the wrecked and the reckless.

When those are stopped on this old two lane highway of life, slow.

Just slow. 

Observe caution signs. Trust that God has great reasoning for the slow-down. Remember and determine the driving force. Injuring others haphazardly will forever haunt. The injury to another soul and the one within—that quite possibly may last a lifetime—will never be worth it. Yeah, O Soul, it does hurt the one within.


The season of debris is difficult. If in that season of rocks flying … don’t take the hit singlehandedly, holding up the arm for protection. Lower the arm in a vulnerable spirit of forgiveness. When the rocks are flying, and they will fly, allow the Rock of Ages to cover, to protect. He is our shield. He is dependable and trustworthy. Every single time. O Soul within, lower the arm.

Do not be afraid of them; the Lord your God himself will fight for you.” —Deuteronomy 3:22

4 thoughts on “Slow

  1. Shelli, your precious words remind me to slow my own anger down when I'm out and about. I may not be kicking up as many rocks as I once did–but by grace I need to forgive those that still do since I've been on the other side of the flying debris. It's all about grace.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀


  2. Anger has always been my problem. It's just so easy to react when people do things that they seem to not think about first. It is only by God's grace and intervention could I resist trouble. Btw, those photos are lovely.


  3. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. You blessed my day. Yes, it's hard not to react. It just seems the first and natural thing that wants to come out of us. And yes, yes … only God's grace. Beautiful.


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