About Me

Hello. I’m Shelli Littleton.

Thank you for stopping by. You are welcome any time.

I’m a simple, middle-aged girl, a Texan, and I’m blessed to be a mother to two little women.

And I love all things Jesus, Texas, writing, and photography.

LifeWay’s HomeLife magazine published my first article in 2007. Since then, the Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to write for WMU, Woman’s Missionary Union’s magazine Missions Mosaic. I love interviewing missionaries and sharing their stories. I’ve been blessed to have interviewed and written articles on some amazing folks, like Ron Hall and Melissa Moore. And I love that I’ve been given the opportunity to write about some of my very own hardships … sharing how I survived. I love how the Lord can use the very thing that almost killed us to heal us. Invaluable.

I’ve written one non-fiction book. And I’ve stuck my toes into the water and am learning to write fiction, too. So far, I’ve written three novels. And I’ve loved every minute of it. I’ve won the Mount Hermon First-Timers Contest, and I’ve semi-finaled in ACFW’s Genesis contest.

Why do I blog? I like to share issues God has me pondering, sometimes things I don’t know the answer to. I never claim to be an expert … just Shelli’s Scribblings and food for thought. Always feel free to comment and give me something else to ponder.

Blessed by you,



6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Jane Pontone

    My beautiful Texas friend ❤️
    Your dear auntie Novie is so blessed to have you such amazing words you have written .im added ” The love of your family ” x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jane, I so love you … you, my beautiful English friend. ❤ I can't believe you stopped by here and commented on my blog. That's so sweet of you. I'll always cherish it. I mentioned you to one of my husband's aunts, and she said, "You need to tell her that you have an English aunt." One of my husband's uncles married a beautiful English lady. They moved to Virginia. He passed away a few years ago, but she still lives in Virginia. She's so sweet. Such a beautiful accent. I took the cutest picture of her with the girls in her pink hair rollers, holding a pink BB gun … I don't get to see her too often, but every now and then she comes down to Texas for a Littleton visit. She's so lovely. One day, I'm going to visit England. ❤ That's my dream.


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