When You Need To Floor It!

From the balcony, I watch my daughter, surrounded by all her Vacation Bible School kids and fellow volunteers in the choir loft.

I took pictures all week for VBS, capturing both my girls in their joyful moments of working with kids. Moments my girls don’t have to be talked into … time they love, hours they long to give.

Goose bumps sweep my arms and tears spring to my eyes, as I see my daughter surrender her all through song. Glorious VBS songs.

My daughter was that little just yesterday, it seems. Little enough for Vacation Bible School. And I’m thankful to God for her love of ministry, her love for children, and her love of teaching them about Jesus. Without having to be coerced.

How did she get all grown up?

A lady that I recently met–we have adoption in common–taps my shoulder and wraps me in a hug there in the balcony. Just what I needed. How did she know?

Father God, you always know.

DSC_9593 (5)The days are fleeting, and soon both my girls will be gone from our home. I can’t hold them back, and I wouldn’t if I could. But time is flooring-it, zooming by, and I don’t want to miss a moment.

I smile, thinking over the last week, remembering one of the best days of my life, when I floored it. When I really floored it.

The girls and I are driving home from the mall. It’s been a long day of shopping, eating pizza, and the Great American Cookie. The mall is our favorite thing to do together. No one has to be talked into going.

But we’re routine. Not only do we frequent the same mall shops, but as soon as we turn onto our road, we also look for our crooked mailbox, for home. We turn down that familiar driveway. It’s what we’ve always done. It’s what we love.

DSC_9588 (9)But today … something is different about today. We have music roaring over the speakers, the windows rolled down, and as we approach the house, my daughter slows the car.

We need a change. We need to be rejuvenated. We need to really live.

A pause hovers throughout the space, and the vision becomes clear.

“Floor it, Karalee!” I say.

She searches me, trying to make sense of the nonsensical one. The one who’s always routine. The one who has to be gently nudged into memorable moments, like VBS or playing cards.

Her stunned expression is just what I needed, and I’m laughing so hard.

“Floor it!” I say. 

A warm smile slowly inches over my daughter’s face, understanding dawning.

Well, okay.

She floors it. Has she ever floored it before?

We fly past our mailbox, past our home, and zoom down our deserted county road, our hair blowing every which way. When she comes to a stop, we three girls are laughing so hard we can barely contain ourselves.

DSC_9574 (5)What have we just done? Where did Mom go?

Oh my goodness, we’ve lived, we’ve laughed, we’ve broken out of that moldy mold.

We can’t believe ourselves.

Daughter turns the car around, and she floors it again of her own initiative. Zooms past our home, past that crooked mailbox.

We are all three laughing so hard that we can’t seem to catch our tears.

Until, oh man, we calm and realize that we should go home. Because not every neighbor on our road will understand that we need to live, because maybe they’re too routine, caught in that moldy mold.

But life is zooming by. The clock refuses to stop.

As I watch my daughter–a grown lady now–in that choir loft, singing out her heart and helping the kids surrounding her, I know what I have to do to make life count. And I know that it’s never too late.

When life “floors it,” as it always will, I need to floor it, too.

DSC_9596 (5)

Have you ever felt the need to “floor it”? Have you floored it?! I’d love to hear your story, of how you stepped out of your daily routine to really live.

6 thoughts on “When You Need To Floor It!

  1. Lovely and so timely for me, dear Shelli. Yesterday I floored it by saying “Yes” to my husband when he asked me if I wanted to leave town with him for a few hours. I confess, I hesitated to leave my “moldy mold” routine behind; I’m so glad I did. ❤
    Blessings ~ Wendy Mac

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  2. Stacey Leigh

    This is good stuff! It reminded me of “Don’t bring me down!”…Oh! the laughter and the tears….we were “flooring” it….even back then! A couple of weeks ago Lindsey asked me if we would go play tennis with her and her friend. I haven’t played in a while and it was about 7:00pm…i was winding down from a long day at work…you know…I was ready for a hot bath…not a physical sport!! Her dad said, “why yes, we’d love to!”…so next thing I knew we were headed to the courts! It was a cool evening and the sky was glorious as the sun set and we laughed at our inability to hit the ball!!!…i couldn’t remember the last time I was out at night doing anything and this was real fun!!…bugs flying around the lights reminded me of my childhood…being at the courts with mom and dad…it was magical…then it got even better…suddenly a crack of thunder and with no warning RAIN…BIG DROPS of rain! We ran as fast as we could laughing all the way!! We were SOAKED TO THE BONE. We “floored” it alright! Love you Shelli!!!

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    1. Oh my goodness! I love this, Stacey! ❤ We had a moment like that in the rain once … so long ago with family … someone trying to keep their camera dry (not me this time) and all of us running with little kids. Ha!! I actually did that Sunday when I stepped out of the church building. I was walking to the car and it started sprinkling … and got heavier and heavier as I walked. I had to start running or I'd get drenched, and I just had to laugh. Why not?!! ❤ And oh man, the memories … Don't bring me down … the gutter, the fastest man in the world. What a great childhood! Even in difficulties. I'm so thankful God gave me you. So thankful. ❤ I love you. You're sunshine, did you know?! ❤


  3. Beautiful words, here, my friend. And, as always, you share a gentle wisdom. I don’t want to be so caught up in the safety of the routine that I miss out on the joy life offers when something “floors it” in my life. Thank you for this reminder.

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    1. Jeanne, I’ve been so neglectful of my blog. Life has been so crazy. And I needed this reminder today to “floor it” in the midst of crazy. That’s really the best time!! ❤ Are you going to ACFW? I won't be there this year. If you go, I hope it's wonderful. I'll be praying over you.


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