Life is a Gift


Once a baby
Tender locks of hair
What a blessed parent
To have embraced you there 

A little child
Hair twirling through air
What a blessed mommy
To have this day to share 

Young lady now
Hair rollers of blue
What a blessed sister
To have these years with you
Time has passed
The hair is gray
What a blessed daughter
To have had you today 
Face is thin
My heart will care
What a blessed grand-daughter
To comb your treasured hair   
Peace has come
Others comb your hair
What a blessed family
The loss is hard to bear 
-By Shelli Littleton
Copyright 2013 
My beloved grandmother’s tea set from childhood.


The loss is hard to bear.
I will always cherish combing her precious hair.


 We often forget: we were all that little child.
Special to someone.
Special to God.

Happy Valentine’s Day … Contentment and Chocolate

Y’all, I wrote this poem on “contentment” several years back. I thought it might bring you a good chuckle on this Valentine’s Day. We all face hardships of all kinds … some easy/ some so hard we aren’t sure we can press on. In the midst, we often find it hard to be content, and we grumble and complain. Who doesn’t want life on easy-street?! But when we seek God with all our heart, through the hardship, we discover that the hardship brings us closer to Him and allows us to know Him in a way we would have never known Him on easy-street.

Being silly, as usual, I broke the word “con-tent-ment” down to define what “discontent” means:
Con – feeling like a prisoner

Tent – stuck in a tent (prison)

Ment (mint) – wishing one was in a hotel room with a pillow and a mint!

God, I don’t like this tent I’m in
Cause it’s cold outside and I’m shiverin’.
You know I don’t want to be known as a complainer.
But I’d rather be in a hotel room for the remainder.
Cause there’s so much left of the night to go.
I’m freezin’, Lord, cause it’s eight below!
The dust on this old air mattress is making me cough
And I roll on the floor when my husband gets off!
My toes are cold, and my poor ol’ back aches
And I think my husband forgot the tent stakes.
The tent has even fallen down a time or two.
Now, honey, I’m not pointin’ the finger at you.
And I know I look silly in hair rollers of blue.
The curl probably won’t stay anyway cause of the dew.
And I’m afraid of having to go to the potty at night
Cause there are too many critters in Texas that bite!
And the fire has died down …
Oh … what was that sound?!
I feel stuck like a prisoner cause the lightnin’ has changed its direction.
And every time I try to use the cell phone, I lose my connection.
I just don’t know that tent camping is for me.
I’d even be happy with a slightly used RV.
Oh Lord, I’m trying so hard to be content.
But, I’d rather be in a warm hotel room with a pillow and a mint!
Okay, how silly can this poem get?! (pronounced “git” … Texas slang)
– By Shelli Littleton (copyright)

Y’all, when we begin to see God work through our hardships, being in the tent (our hardship) suddenly won’t be so bad; we’ll trade the hotel room and the chocolate mint because we won’t want to miss out on what God has in store for us.

Psalm 61:14 says, “I long to dwell in your tent forever and take refuge in the shelter of your wings.” Then we will be satisfied and content. Psalm 145:16 says about the LORD: “You open your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing.”

Dwell with God in your tent … His tent … and He will provide a shelter for you that cannot be shaken, and you will be content. In fact, your idea of what brings contentment may even change. Suddenly, we realize: God is all we need. That realization is sheer deliverance.

“The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear him, and he delivers them.”
Psalm 34:7