Just Be You

Hello! I’ve had the sweetest blog interruption by the name of Jennifer Major. She’s my dear Canadian friend who came to Texas for a writer’s conference and stayed with me a few days in the name of research. 

I met Jennifer two years ago and love every invitation to Skype with her. So spending time with her in real life was such a blessing. Why? She’s Jennifer. She’s real. She doesn’t try to be someone she isn’t … she’s the real deal. She makes me laugh. She tells it like it is. She loves to tease me about my accent (don’t tell her, but I love the attention). She loves God. She treated my girls like they were her very own. She’s been a huge encouragement to me on my writing journey. And I’m just so thankful to God for her. She even went to church with me … and I almost had to pinch myself … Jennifer sitting in church with me. 

This video is just us being flat out silly. But I hope you enjoy it anyway. I can’t watch it without giggling. 

Our expressions here are priceless.

On her first night at our home, she was braiding my daughters’ hair when we heard fire trucks pass by. We live out in the country, so we knew something was wrong. Our neighbor’s home burned completely to the ground. We were all in shock and can only imagine how that precious family is feeling. Please keep the Rogers family in your prayers. And pray for our family as we seek to approach them, serve them, and pray for them through this time.

Then, we went to Mexia, Texas, for Jennifer’s research at Fort Parker State Park …

We played Scrabble, and hands down, Jennifer is the queen of Scrabble …

We met our dear writer friend, Becky Wade, at a book-signing and had dinner with her. She is amazing, and I just finished reading her book, My Stubborn Heart … I read it and then re-read it … it was so good. So good! I can tell that she’ll be one of my favorite authors.

Lastly, the American Christian Fiction Writer’s conference was everything I ever imagined. I have so many great photos, but here are pictures of two of my writer friends, who are sharing this journey with me. They encourage me every single day. Meeting them in person was the highlight of my year, no doubt. 



So, I’ve had a busy last three weeks. And it’s been glorious. 

What did I learn? That God always shows up to meet you right where you are. You don’t have to be a best selling author for writers to love on you or help you. 

You just be you. 

14 thoughts on “Just Be You

  1. We had a great time, Julie! Every time I meet a writer friend, I just have to pinch myself. I'm so used to seeing them on the computer screen … and real life is just divine. Heaven will be so great … don't you know?! 🙂



  2. It's only taken me a WEEK to get over here (that's what happens when hubby is traveling, boys are on fall break, and I'm trying to finish a book . . . ), but I smiled all the way through the interview hearing two of my sweet friends talking together. 🙂 Loved this, Shelli. And the pictures of you and Jennifer. And, I got the fence reference. 🙂

    And I love, LOVE walking this writing journey with you!!


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