Can You Hear Me Now?

“Mama, Netflix is down again!” my daughter–the lovely queen of the remote–exclaims. “Mama?”

“I heard you.” Feel free to imagine any facial expression or tone of voice, as I’m sure I’ve displayed them all.

We recently added Netflix to our home entertainment. Almost every time the phone rang, Netflix would shut off … right in the midst of your perfect movie … right in the midst of Cedar Cove. Therefore, the internet would shut off, too.


What was wrong with our service? We had all the right filters.

“We need a new home phone,” my husband said. In the meanwhile, he disconnected the house phone to cut down on the entertainment interruptions.

I have to admit, it was nice and quiet with the phone down–no Toll Free calling several times a day. I never miss Toll Free. Who exactly is Toll Free anyway? But many important people in my life couldn’t reach me. They’d finally discover my cell phone number, only to say, “Can you hear me now?” Rural Texas forces me to find the one spot in the house that might maintain a decent connection and plant myself there throughout the duration of the phone call.

We purchased a new home phone and plugged it in, hoping that would correct the problem. The digital display on the brand new phone stated: “no line.” What?

Our phone company sent a man out to check our line. He came to our front door to say that he had fixed the problem–there were two lines connecting our service, and one had been broken.

As soon as the repairman left our home, the phone began ringing off the wall. Toll Free. Sigh. But now, we have our important 9-1-1 connections, in case of emergency–rural Texas, remember. I can now talk to the important people in my life without dealing with the bad connections of my cell phone in rural Texas. And Netflix hasn’t gone down … yet. The queen of the remote claps her hands. 

Life is fine when the communication lines are in tact.

My grandmother possibly dealing with her party-line–complete distractions. And I’m in the fourth picture to the right of her–my two siblings and me, with me in the middle.  My dad is in the picture to the left of me, and my uncle beside him. This house burned, and I miss it so much. Do you see the far bar with bar stools behind it? I spent many a day pretending to drive with those bar stools. And that’s where I ate most every meal visiting there, as a kid.


But, in your heart of hearts, have you ever just felt speechless? Wordless? Like your lines of communication are down? Or perhaps like they are barely hanging in there–frayed and receiving little connection … hit or miss?

Yeah, I know that feeling. I’ve been somewhat under the weather–my excuse–but I always know when my heart feels that way, I need to check my communication lines with my heavenly Father. Because that quiet feeling is never nice.

O Soul, there are definitely two lines of communication–His and mine. And they cannot be broken when you spend time on Him. With Him.

“Why do they seem broken at times?” I invariably ask myself. And I sit down, feeling defeated, and evaluate–

Am I talking to Him enough? Am I starting my day with Him? Am I ending my day with Him? Am I meditating on His Word the way I should?

Life is not fine when the communication lines are broken or frayed.

My grandmother would get a switch after me if she knew I was posting her picture on the internet. But she’d only tap my leg gently with it as I ran from her … and she’d laugh … because she loved me. She was definitely one of the most influential people in my life, if not the most, because we kept our lines of communication open. Oh, I loved/love her.


O, heart of hearts, God can’t be replaced. And nothing is toll free.

Shelli, a great price was paid for those communication lines. The wooden poles dug down deep to cross the gap for you and me.

Over and over–farther than the eye can see or the mind can conceive–it’s only Jesus.

But, as in any relationship, it takes effort on my part. I know that deep in my heart of hearts.

Shelli, use them. Use those communication lines. Find that sweet spot and plant yourself there.
When I’m in constant communication with Him, He keeps ringing into my heart and mind with His love notes just to me, filling me with questions to ponder, words to say, words to write–to change my heart. “He sends from heaven and saves me,” helping me filter out life’s distractions and keeping me functioning properly. Helping me. Keeping me. Only He knows the way that I should take, and being the love of my life, He keeps me on His path for me.

He won’t let me miss His important call.

He won’t let me miss His calling on my life.

Thank you, Father.

*Do you ever need repair on your lines of communication? Any stories to share? You know I love to hear from you.

(And it’s amazing how many words I got out for someone who is feeling a bit speechless. Amen?!)

6 thoughts on “Can You Hear Me Now?

  1. Really nice! As one who has no home phone…nor cell phone (Barb has one, but not me)…I don't miss it.

    I've never really felt that my lines of communication with God were down, or in disrepair. It might be because my relationship to Him is probably pretty different from most; I came to belief more through logic than anything else, and the application of Occam's Razor.

    1) Jesus existed.
    2) His influence was wider than could be explained by mere contemporary popularity; there were other pretenders to the title of Messiah of whom only the academics know now.
    3) The only reasonable explanation for the empty tomb is Resurrection; the 'body stealing' hypothesis doesn't hold up, as it served neither 'side' any purpose.
    4) The Apostles were, by all accounts, level-headed, and it takes something extraordinary to make a level-headed man face death…and death on account of a dead 'teacher'? Not likely.
    5) The longevity of Christianity as a religion, with its decided focus on the unworldly, makes sense only if the message is true.

    Since the simplest answer (that fits all the facts) is usually the right one…the whole thing can be assumed to be true.

    I wish I was a more emotional Christian, that I felt the 'nearness of God', that I could participate in the praise and worship stuff. But I can't, and I'm not.

    But now, when the chips are most assuredly down, God does not seem far away. He simply Is, and with that I am content.

    Hoping this was more or less coherent. Having a bit of a tough morning, and have neither the energy nor the focus to go back and edit.


  2. That's a beautiful list, Andrew. Beautiful. And I know you wish you could be with others in a worship gathering … but some of my sweetest worship to God has come when I was all alone … just God and me … in the car, in the garage. I'm praying for you … as always … I hope you know it.


  3. Shelli, I'm pondering your comforting words that He won't allow us to miss His path for us. I need to rest in this more instead of emotionally flitting all over the place like a butterfly I watched this morning being chased by another bug. My enemy is fear, and God's “perfect love casts out fear”, so I need to believe and enjoy the nectar of His sweet Presence and peace. Be gone fear. Hugs. Thank you for another deep and encouraging devotional.
    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀


  4. Those pictures of your grandma in her home capture such a sweet time. I can imagine you using the stools and counter to drive. I probably would have played restaurant since it's an L-shaped counter. Maybe you did too?

    Know that I'm praying for your healing. My husband doesn't get sick very much, but when he does, he often says God is getting is attention about something because it makes him slow down, rest, and think. That's not the case for everyone, but that's how it works in his spirit.

    Shelli, I so do enjoy how you write these ordinary things into a devotional type message.


  5. Thank you, Melodie. I didn't play restaurant on that bar, but I ate there like it was one. Grilled cheese sandwiches, hamburgers. Oh, my grandmother was a good cook. mmm hmmm. And thank you for praying for me. My blood pressure seems to be doing better, but I'm still on 50mg of bp medicine. I'm still having that daily headache, but it's getting better. Not as painful, and one headache medicine is all I need. You know, lately, I think I've been letting things worry me … and I'm working on that. Taking those thoughts captive. xo


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