Is it Real?

We have the cutest storage shed.
It was made to look like a little house.
I love the joined chairs in front …
Reminds me of my mother’s parents.


The original owners built the storage building.
I think it would make a wonderful writing cabin.
It had a broken window on it …
But after investigation,
the window wasn’t even real.
It was just made to look like a broken window.
The “not real” broken window accidentally got hit,
And now the broken window panes have fallen out of the “not real” window.
I was disappointed.
But when you step back from the “loss,”
The walls, frame, door, and foundation are still strong.
And they are real.
Not all is lost.
I’ve had a personal window knocked out lately.
I have been under the weather for the last two weeks …
On and off.
Been on an antibiotic for two weeks.
I just can’t seem to shake it.
And now I have a cough that is zapping my strength.
I don’t feel like doing my normal stuff.
It’s so tempting to feel like a failure.
I feel like I’ve failed at everything these last two weeks.
With my strength depleted,
The girls have been spending more time together.
They’ve had sleepovers
And a chance to pull out old toys to play with “one more time”
Before giving them away or placing in storage.
As I was uploading the storage shed photos for this post,
I found this little treasure.
The girls had taken this photo of their old dolls they are soon to part with.
The Lord was reminding me that though my plans have failed this week,
His plans have not failed.
The girls are making long-lasting special memories together.
That is real.

When discouragement tries to sneak in and knock out our windows.
Go easy on yourself.
Look for the windows of opportunity the Lord will bring
In spite of apparent setbacks.
Don’t focus on the loss.
Remember your sure foundation.
Remember who you are joined with.
After all, Jesus is our true window of opportunity
So it’s okay if our plans fail or fall out.
And in comparison to the cross …
You might discover your situation wasn’t even real.
Remember …
God’s will prevails,
Regardless of what else fails.

4 thoughts on “Is it Real?

  1. Oh, Shelli, I love this!

    Life is so much better being grounded in the 'real' of the Man Upstairs. The life I thought I would have was smoke and mirrors – my internal magician, fooling me.

    Another me would say that my dreams are in tatters, my career shattered, my health…well, terminal.

    But the reality is that I have other dreams, and work to do today. And I'm well enough to do it. Today.

    That's real.


  2. Andrew, you have an unique writing ability. You have me in tears.

    I'm about to have to write an article on how to handle the detours of life … but the truth is … there are no detours. It's the tour. God has the plan. And it's a gift … and we can make it … we can help others survive on the tour.

    That's real. You bless me, brother.


  3. I loved this, Shelli. How necessary it is to know the difference between real and “appearing real.” In a season where I need that reminder, thank you. Keeping my eyes on the “Real Father of my soul” today.


  4. You are so welcome, Jeanne. Thank you for commenting! I rarely get comments … you and Andrew have blessed me immensely! By the way, went to the doctor today … no pneumonia, but he is putting me on a third antibiotic and giving me breathing treatments! Yay!


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