SLR (Single-lens reflex) camera …
I really want one.
But they are pricy.
What I love, as you know, is
By simple actions, they make the object you want to capture prominent
Leaving the background blurry around the “subject.”
This is exactly how we need to be with our Shepherd.
We need our focus on Him
Allowing everything else to blur a bit.
We need an SLR view.
This is the way to a sound mind.
What does it look like to lose focus on the Shepherd?
This is Sammy, our neighbor’s dog.
He  has fifty+ acres, and “twin lakes”
Yet he continually swims through his lake, under a fence, and
Settles for our five acres and a swimming pool.
He has taken his eyes off his Shepherd.

This is another’s neighbor’s duck
The girls have named it Snowy
It has the largest pond I’ve ever seen
But every summer, it settles for this: 
It has taken its eyes off its Shepherd.
We have two sheep, Bindi and Sandy.
They are provided for …
A nice barn for shelter
Food till their heart’s content
Protection from the flood waters that used to pass through the barn
Bindi is the black one.
And though she has a Shepherd,
She continually tries to lead.
We walk around our property trail
The sheep always follow.
But it never fails, Bindi will move in front
She wants to lead.
She has taken her eyes off the Shepherd.
But then she stops in her tracks.
She doesn’t know where to go.
She doesn’t know how to lead.
The Shepherd can’t lead her if she is in the way.
The Shepherd is not being allowed to lead.

Progress is blurry.

She often has to be gently nudged to the side

Returning to the following position
So progress resumes.
And if the sheep don’t see their Shepherd daily
They barely recognize their Shepherd.
They didn’t know their Shepherd.
They keep their distance …
They run, jump, and kick at mere touch and
Prefer to be with their own kind.
But when they meet the Shepherd daily,
They feed right out of the hand
They allow love.
The more time spent with the Shepherd,
The more they want to be with the Shepherd.
They cry out to the Shepherd
At the mere glimpse.
We are the same.
We try to lead
Instead of following.


Some surroundings are wonderful
Some are not.
Regardless …
God deserves our total focus.
Again, this is the way to a sound mind.
And it  may cost us.
Nevertheless …
We can’t lead our direction/destination properly.
Simple actions …
Move over and follow.
It will cost more if we don’t.
Never settle for less.

Will we let God lead?
Will we let Him near?
Will we let Him feed?
Will we let Him comfort?
Will we let Him protect?

The more time spent with our Shepherd, in the Word,
the more we’ll want to be with Him.
We will not want anything more than Him.
“The Lord is my Shepherd,
I shall not want.”
Psalm 23 




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