My Best Friend

We’ve moved a time or two
And I’ve been so needy in the past … in my youth.
I wanted acceptance.
Who doesn’t?
Moving is hard …
It’s always hard to fit in when you are “new” …
Whether at school, church, work, home.

Oh, God has always provided that special friend for me.

But I remember specifically when I didn’t “need” that special friend …
I only needed God.
We were moving … I was about to start home schooling …
I had been delving into Bible study, and the Lord had truly become my all.
That’s a good place.
In our new location, I didn’t even try to make friends.
Oh, I was friendly, but friends were not my focus.
Acceptance was not my focus.
Knowing God was my focus.
And that is when the Lord brought into my life one of my dearest friends and
My girls’ best friends.
God’s rewards came from earnestly seeking Him.
We all want acceptance
At school, church, work, home …
Yes, even at home.
I know my spouse “loves” me, but I’d be a fool to say he always “likes” me.
Regardless of the location,
Feeling shunned hurts.
Have you made God your best friend?
You must seek after Him and long for His company
When you do that, something amazing happens.
You become comfortable with yourself.
You don’t need acceptance.
Yes …
When you feel the LEAST bit shunned,
Grab hold of the GREAT KING of all NATIONS.
My best friend and I … He may not be visible,
but He is the one who will never leave me nor forsake me.
He is with me.
The Great King of all Nations

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