Colorful Easter

Girls at First Baptist Dallas

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Jesus. Enough said. But I’m a little wordy today, so I’ll add a few more. Grin!

We had the most wonderful Easter service at First Baptist Dallas.

We had decided to attend the early service, hoping that it might not be as crowded. On the way to church, we stopped for a quick bite at McDonalds for breakfast. Pouring rain came. We got wet. My skirt was completly soaked, but due to an umbrella, my hair barely got wet. I was so thankful, or we would have had to turn around and go back home. And with a seat-warmer and Kleenex, my skirt dried. When we arrived at the church, the early service was already full. But that didn’t stop us. We stood first in line for the next service for over an hour! I wouldn’t wait that long for a ride at Disney, but we knew the service would be worth the wait; and it was.

Way to go, Dr. Jeffress … way to go, God! The new sanctuary is just beautiful. I felt as though I were sitting and soaking up a truly historical moment. And I was so thankful to be a part of it.

Girls at First Baptist Dallas, Easter 2013

Shelli and Katelyn

Shelli and Karalee

Before …

After …

Jesus, you color our world! And I thank you!

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