WMU-Missions Mosaic Articles Out Soon & Lambs

Here I am with my Barbie doll case and behind me
is my much cherished farm! There would be
no possible way to count how many times
that farm door said, “Moo!”

Hey! Hope May brings you lots of flowers and sunshine. I just wanted to share that I have two articles out in the upcoming June issue of Missions Mosaic. One is on glorifying God through hardships, and the other is on surviving your parents’ divorce. I definitely know a little something about both of those. And just to let you know my heart, I cannot read the one on surviving my parents’ divorce without tears dropping from my eyes. Though God has healed my heart tremendously from that event at the age of 8, at times it is like a fresh wound. However, if you have endured the same, I pray you are blessed and your heart is touched through the article … that the Lord will pour out healing on your precious heart.

Go here if you’d like to order a copy. Or call 1-800-968-7301. Remember, it is the June 2013 issue.

Just one more thing … we have added two baby lambs to our family – Bindi and Sandy! You wouldn’t believe the effort we have made to get two lambs, unused to human touch, to love on us and allow us to love on them. We have worked hard. And it has paid off. In less than a week, they are feeding out of our hands. Yahoo!

Katelyn and Sandy

Karalee and Bindi

Much love and “hay,”

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