April 2013 Missions Mosaic-WMU

Hey sweet friends! Just a heads up that I have two articles in the April 2013 issue of Missions Mosaic (WMU). Go here if you’d like to order a copy. Or call 1-800-968-7301. My first article is a “Missionary Focus” article on a precious couple from Southeast Asia. I got to Skype them … an amazing and fun experience! Y’all, they have been there since 1986, the year I graduated high school. Gracious! Amazing service and amazing people.

Then, my second article is on “how to cope through a child’s life-threatening illness” … if you know anyone with sick children, I think this article would really help and encourage them. I have lived it, you guys … our daughter had a kidney tumor (cancer) back in 2001. She was just a year old then.

Much love,

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