More of the Story–Cleaning out the Closet

Just so you know, this may very well be one of my life’s most embarrassing moments … but some things, you just have to own … ACB it … admit, confess, and believe God will use it. 

“My first job, at only 15, entailed working at a five-and-dime. My tiny paycheck came by way of cash and loose change in a brown paper sack.

Christmas Eve had passed, and my boss divided the leftover Christmas candy that had never sold between us 5 employees. I was thrilled—kids and candy.

After work, I walked into my home with my bag of candy…”

Please join me for more of the story at WMU … 

10 thoughts on “More of the Story–Cleaning out the Closet

  1. Aww, Jeanne … thank you. Thank you for helping me not to feel alone in the selfishness department. 🙂 The best of friends never abandon you, no matter how awful you've been. I'm blessed to have you, Jeanne. I'll never forget the love your poured over me at ACFW. Merry Christmas to you, as well.


  2. You're not alone Shelli, most of us have been selfish at one time or another. Fortunately we serve a generous God who not only forgives us, but uses our embarrassing moments to mold us into the person He intended us to be.


  3. What a wonderful sister you had to give things like that to you, an act that changed your thinking. It is hard not to be selfish in our society where, compared to other cultures, material blessings abound. Your candor makes us all step back and look not only at our closets of unused items, but our pocketbooks too–for maybe we could go buy something new to give to someone in need.


  4. Thank you, Gene. Yes, He's such a generous Father … I love those reminders of the past, the ones we'd never really remember, except for God. It's like He points that those circumstances to remind us we don't want to be that way, not ever again … and maybe to show us how much we've grown … we're not that way. 🙂 You blessed me.


  5. She was a wonderful sister, Melodie, in so many ways. And yes … we have so much new to give. My girls picked out toys to give the other day. I had limited them to $10 each. One got a Barbie that was $7 … the other a truck that was right at $10. One is tighter with money, the other more generous (whether it's mine or hers … she'll just give it away … money means little to her). We have much to learn from the generous one. 🙂


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