Once upon a time
there was a
She made a catastrophic decision
to build her home here …
The house was darling.
Right on the instruction manual,
the house was declared to be danger free.
But, unbeknownst to the mother,
 it was a dangerous place.
It was intended to be a tearoom, not a home.
The structure was weak,
and the location
left them vulnerable to predators –
predators that would steal, kill, and destroy.

There were three little ones.
Then there was one.
And now the little has been abandoned.
It will never thrive.
The End.
As mothers,
upon close inspection …
the mistakes are many.

Peer more closely to see
mistakes that have hurt
our children,
our families,
our futures.
Costly mistakes.
Closer examination reveals … 
the past can’t be changed.
But the future can.

This Mother’s Day,
offer grace to your mother.
Offer the same grace that you need extended.
And ask for grace.
We all make mistakes.

Don’t miss the opportunity to give and take grace.
Resentment and bitterness are predators
that steal and kill.
They’ll rob your heart,
your peace,
your joy,
your family.
They’ll “turn and tear you to pieces” (Mt 7:6).

But …
make no mistake,
purely and simply,
grace is a happily ever after beautiful gift.

How will your story end?

May your Mother’s Day be graced.


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