Bluebonnet season is here!
I wanted to get a new photo for my blog site.
Taking pictures in the Bluebonnets would seem so simple.
But … it’s not.
Waiting for the right flower height,
a sunny day with no rain,
and no wind
can be a feat,
with only about a two week window of opportunity,
to boot.

Texas will seem dry as a bone
until the Bluebonnets come out.
April showers bring April flowers
in Texas,
regardless of what you’ve heard.

The day arrived.
And I thought you might be interested to see the fun
Bluebonnet Bloopers!
Not quite ready …
 and are you sure you can’t see the Tigger beach towel I’m sitting on?

Not quite ready … and starting to get a little aggravated here …
and the sun is so bright.

Oh, the wind …

Repairing the wind damage …

The wind again! More aggravated …

Praying for the nightmare to end!
My attitude began going South
smelled a little like this …


but we’ll focus on the flower.

And then,

lo and behold,
you finally get a decent picture
but humidity has definitely taken hold …
and this is partly why people think women in Texas
have big hair.

And you realize the first one taken was basically the best.
Why didn’t you just stop there?
(the lesson is never learned)

First one taken.


Another funny thing around our household …
I have a ceramic eagle that I use throughout my book
in reference to a “bad gift.”
See below …


I had taken it down for a speaking engagement,
and look what filled its place …


Day 1
Day 2

Aslan, our cat, is beginning to become a fixture around here.
Then, this little thing was just inches from me this week,
adding a new dimension to:
“if it had been a snake, it would have bit me!”

It’s just a baby diamondback water snack … I mean snake.

Don’t worry …
it’s safe and sound
miles down the road!


The year’s first scorpion was discovered
in Karalee’s room.
She slept in Katelyn’s room that night!
Unfortunately, it’s not safe and sound.
And unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of it,
but I do have a picture of the tiniest one we found last year …
it’s so tiny, it’s almost cute:

This is a piece of a regular sized paper towel.


Oh, and I have a new article out in
WMU’s Mission Mosaic magazine
“Bridging the Gap:
Friendships that Cross Age Lines.”
If you’d like to order one,
go here.
I had the sweet chance to write about a very dear friend,
who is like an older sister to me …

Ronda and me. And this is what humidity does to my hair
when I don’t dry it with a hair dryer.
We went to Disney back in February.
I never had a chance to post any photos,
so here is my favorite photo …

Pooh, me, and Tigger (hee, hee!) at the end of a very long day.
The best thing about this photo … I didn’t have to wait in line,
deal with the rain or the wind!



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