The girls and I have been studying active and passive voice today.
I love teaching them because the truth is …
I have much to learn.
Active voice is when the subject is doing the action.
Passive voice is when the subject is receiving the action.

The cat bit Shelli. (active)
Shelli was bit by the cat. (passive)
Whether the subject or object, Shelli has been injured.

Sometimes it feels like life is spinning out of control.
Sometimes it feels like we can only take what comes.
Sometimes it feels like we are stuck in a passive world.
Sometimes it feels like we have no voice.
When your household remains sick for a lengthy time …
When a pet begins losing weight and a reason never seems to come …
When the household chores never seem to end …
When you keep forgetting that one grocery item …
When you wish you could see your loved one who is moving just once more …
When necessity takes over and the things you desire to do are set aside …
When you just can’t seem to catch up ….
But one thing I’ve learned through the years …
We can’t look through our own eyes.
We must see through eternal eyes.
So when life feels rough …
You feel lowly …
You don’t know which way to turn …
You feel like you are just inches from drowning …
And that time is slipping like sand through your hands …
Remember Someone has your back.
When God is on your heart’s throne …
Because God is active.
He is not passive.
God is …
God is good … to you.
God is loving … to you.
God is caring … to you.
God is forgiving … to you.
God is teaching … you.
God is working all things together for good … for you.
God is a mighty warrior … for you.
God is a shield … for you.
God is a voice … for you.
God is …
And that list and action never ends.
That goodness seems to encapsulate everything that
God is.
God loves you.
You are loved by God.
You are the active subject and object of God’s affection.


And use your precious voice to …
Praise Him
Thank Him
Brag on Him
Voice, “I love you.”

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