This photo captures the beauty of trees.
But what is wrong with this picture?
If you look closely …
This is what you’ll see …
I often hear people discussing life issues that we
simply refuse to give to God.
Giving Him control.
I’ve always thought, “Not me. That doesn’t apply to me.”
I have given God my all.
And for the most part, I have.
But just this morning, God placed on my heart one little issue that
I haven’t totally surrendered to Him …
Something I have placed on a pedestal
and have unreasonably elevated in my life.
It usually rests in this very location by my kitchen sink (below)
and reminds me to take my
healthy daily vitamins!
And this is how I know it is “my” Diet Coke …
do you see the lip stick?
And I never open my tab all the way.
Why? I do not know.
My husband pointed this fact out to me;
he opens his tab all the way.
So this is how we know which can belongs to whom.
This is mine.
Now, I’m not a big coffee or tea drinker, but
I love diet drinks.
I started drinking them when I was only in
the 6th grade … took a few years off … but started back.
I don’t care what kind … I love orange, grape, root beer …
anything as long as it is diet.
And McDonalds has the very best Diet Coke, in my opinion.
They help me not eat as much. And as many as I drink,
they are better than the “real” thing,
as far as calories and the health of my teeth go.
Right?! I’m just saying sugar is not flowing
past my teeth all day long. Just acid.
And I’ve even taken to often drinking with a straw
to help prevent my teeth from staining too much.
I’ve thought this through.
Now, I’m not saying anything is wrong with them.
But here is where “my” problem lies …
Here is the ratio of soda to water in my garage refrigerator,
reflecting my habit:

More Diet Coke; Less Water (Mini Size)

So, God was definitely sending me a little mail …

And the message is this:

So, every now and then, we (“I”) need to take a seat
and evaluate our lives …
What are we giving God control of?
Are we giving Him our all?
What are we keeping from Him?
What areas in our lives are we saying,
“Private Property; Keep Out”?
Then, we need to take those areas and …
Deflate them.
Remove them
from our hearts’ pedestals.
And bench them.
And Balance.
Nothing distorting our lives.
Nothing wrong with the picture.
 Oh, the beauty of balance. 



2 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Well put, my friend. Such a great reminder of those little secret things we keep all to ourselves. And simple things, at that. Thanks for sharing – you are an encouragement and blessing!


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