Life is a Gift


Once a baby
Tender locks of hair
What a blessed parent
To have embraced you there 

A little child
Hair twirling through air
What a blessed mommy
To have this day to share 

Young lady now
Hair rollers of blue
What a blessed sister
To have these years with you
Time has passed
The hair is gray
What a blessed daughter
To have had you today 
Face is thin
My heart will care
What a blessed grand-daughter
To comb your treasured hair   
Peace has come
Others comb your hair
What a blessed family
The loss is hard to bear 
-By Shelli Littleton
Copyright 2013 
My beloved grandmother’s tea set from childhood.


The loss is hard to bear.
I will always cherish combing her precious hair.


 We often forget: we were all that little child.
Special to someone.
Special to God.

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