Inside our "Little House" on a County Road!

A very sweet friend asked what our house looks like on the inside.
So I thought I’d post a few pictures.
I wish I had a better camera.
But, come on inside!
Our entry from the front door to the living room
(see if you can spot the “eagle” from my book!):

Our living room from a few angles:
Do you see the chest/trunk below? By the chair?
It makes for a good drink holder. But …
it houses all my Bible study books from since I was about 27 …
when I really fell in love with Jesus.
There are some treasures in that chest.
A treasure chest.
Brian has a picture of John Wayne, his hero, beside the rocking chair.
Our curtain rod holders need to be moved out to the edges of the windows
(this is where they were when we bought the house) …
but that may never happen. We may have
invented a new design.
That is Aslan, our boy kitty, on the ottoman:
Our dining room: 

Our small kitchen. We often run into each other in this room!
The girls love watching the “Property Brothers” so they
can figure out how to make this room better:
Kitchen/pantry/island area, with door leading out to
garage (that houses my washer/dryer …
yes, I have no “laundry room”!):
Our bedroom:
I love these shutters in our bedroom and bathroom:
Karalee’s upstairs bedroom (I love her sliding bathroom door!)
The first picture is the door leading up to her room …
I love this door, too … reminds me of a barn door:
Head up the stairs.
These are slick as can be with socks on:
Karalee has the biggest room in the whole house.
All my kitchen sq. footage is here:

Those two blue “laundry baskets” house all
Karalee’s stuffed animals that she just can’t part with!
And her closet is to the left … attic access to the a/c is here …
we have to pull everything out of her
closet just to change the
air filter.
Karalee has this little “nook” in the wall.
She can sit here with the cat and look out.
Another pair of boots! Those were my very first pair (age 19 probably).
It is the one wall that houses her precious, favorite “baby” things:
Katelyn’s bedroom:
And if you walk out the back door, this is the girls’ favorite room!!
We really love it here,
love living on this beloved Texas county road
… in spite of the many scorpions that check in.
I love that our two sheep like to be where we are,
and are smart enough to put themselves up in their pen at night,
without being led there.
I really love our walking trail.
We walk the sheep around the trail each night.
I’ll try to post pictures of the outside area soon.
I hope you enjoyed the tour!
Psalm 16:2
And if you want to see what our house/property
looked like this last Christmas Day with SNOW,

2 thoughts on “Inside our "Little House" on a County Road!

  1. Oh Shelli!!! I LOVE it! It is SO you!! It is stunning and adorable and beautiful – just like you are. I was smiling and laughing all through the pictures. So long to have coffee or tea with you in your kitchen! Maybe some day!! Thank you for doing this for me – you are such a precious friend to me. I love you!!!


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