Reason to Rejoice

Dr. Bowman and Katelyn with band-aid on arm!

We always have reason to rejoice, but this week we have a special reason. Our daughter, Katelyn, had her yearly check-up with her oncologist, and she is 11 years cancer-free! Every time her oncologist walks into the room, he reminds us how many years he has known us … 10, 11 … so grateful for him. And let me tell you, we are so grateful for every year we get to go see him.

Cook Children’s in Fort Worth has just recently remodeled their hematology/oncology department. It is truly amazing. I wish I had taken pictures of the waiting room … huge.

Dr. Bowman with Karalee and Katelyn

I felt like a horrible mother though as we entered the building. I had brought Katelyn’s numbing cream (EMLA cream) that I always use on her arm when she gives blood. She used it for all her chemo treatments and bloodwork, and it saved her many tears. That is one product we are truly thankful for. Since that time, I always used it on her arm for when she had to give blood. She was the only child I ever saw that would give blood with a grin. Well … I forgot to bring the EMLA cream inside with us. I left it in the car. We had walked so far to get to inside the building, and we were just right on time for our appointment; I just didn’t have the time to go back to get it. I was really concerned she was in for a rude awakening giving blood this time. But … she smiled. That sweet child truly amazes me (coming from one who used to literally pass out when giving blood).

Build-a-Bear again!

Then, though her daddy has said over and over again, “This is the last Build-a-Bear” … he made a bee-line straight to Build-a-Bear and let both girls make yet another one! She deserved it.

We thank you, Cook Children’s and Dr. Bowman for years of excellent care.

Love, Shelli

Up on the Roof!!!!

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