"Little House" on a County Road

Hello! It’s been all summer since I’ve had a real chance to write. Long story short … we sold our house in Fort Worth and moved to country house in Royse City, Texas! Here is our home:

Moving was so much harder than I had remembered. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Though I miss my friends and the Fort Worth Zoo back in Fort Worth, we can ride our bikes, swim, play basketball, go walking on our county road, walk our property (5 treed acres) … things we haven’t been able to do freely the last three years of city life. And how I needed this activity … exercise.

Our new country friends consist of ducks, raccoons, swift foxes, spiders, and scorpions! Meet “Snowy” and “Freckles” …

“Snowy” and “Freckles” must belong to our neighbors, but they come waddling everyday to see us.
Thank goodness for $1 loaves of bread!

This raccoon was on our front porch last night … stretched its paws up and peeked in front door.
We fed it a slice of bread so it may return!

One would mistake this for “our” dog … this is “Sammy,” our neighbor’s dog who seems to claim us, too.

We have heard there are Copperhead snakes in our area. Our neighbors claim of seeing them constantly, say Copperheads are ankle biters and that we should wear boots outside. Thankfully, I haven’t seen one since we have been here. But I own a new pair of boots, and I’m not ashamed to wear them with shorts!

Aren’t the boots cute? The girls picked them out! Pink, of course!

This picture is blurry, and you should thank me for it! We were looking fairly rough here. See my “knee high socks” peeking out of my boots?!

Walking the property, hoping not to run into anything that resembles “copper.”

Karalee 14 and Katelyn 12

Well, the boxes are nearly all unpacked. I have only a few left in the garage to be sorted through.
And school is about to start. I have a “high-schooler” this year. So hard to believe.
It has been a wild-ride of a summer, but I am loving this “little house” on a county road more and more every day. It is starting to feel like home now.
I hope you have had a blessed summer, and are you looking forward to that first cool breeze? I’m starting to see pumpkins everywhere!
Love, Shelli

2 thoughts on “"Little House" on a County Road

  1. So cute!!! I would love to see inside pictures too, please! 🙂 I love the boots!!! Could I get away with wearing them in Michigan? I have a lot of Texans in my life that I love, you know. 🙂 Love you today, my dear friend!!


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