When Your Heart Longs for a 5-Star

The book starts slow. Not what I’d expected. My lips stretch with a yawn. Maybe this book is a 3-star.

In a world that craves action, I close my eyes, slip down into the covers, and sleep overcomes me.


For the moment.

The next night, I see the book on the bedside table. The simple glance begins to grow my heart’s curiosity. Maybe I should give it another chance. I reach out and take hold. 

The speed increases slowly, along with my heart-rate. The characters and hope spring alive. I can’t put the book down. It has my heart wrapped around its shortest page. My heart is so happy as I read “The End” … I can’t wait to rate it a 5-star and tell the author how wonderful it is. 

That bookthose wordswill remain in my heart forevermore, and I’ll share it with others. I want everyone to know how much it meant to me, what it did for me, how it helped me, how it grew me, maybe how much it made me laugh or cry. It ends up being the best book I’ve ever read. 

O Soul Within, do you see the reflection of your life in that mirror? Not everyone has a Pollyanna beginning. And yeah, it’s okay to mourn the lossthe loss of sound mind, good judgement, wisdom, blessing. 

But just because you started out a 3-star doesn’t mean you are destined to end there. God will never reject you for that slow start. Don’t give up on yourself. The expanse of sky is immeasurable. Because our God is brilliant. Those stars are right before you. Sometimes you have to wait for the clouds to part. But they’re there. Dangling there. Reach out and take hold of the remainder. Pluck them right out, claim them, and cling to them. The 5-star belongs to you. 

God has plans for you to end well. Even after despair, in the midst of despair, you will remember. He’s taught you well. You can be the best He has to use. The best He has to offer. You can spring alive with hope.

Be the one your Heavenly Father just can’t put down. Be the one wrapped around His tiniest finger. Be the one that makes His chest puff with heavenly pride. Be the one that He can’t wait to use, can’t wait to share … His prize pupil. Be the one He can count on to help others, to show others we can rise above. 

Your Heavenly Father has faith in you. He’s the God of second chances. The God of heavenly glances. And He uses our 3-star as a heavenly staircase to reach our 5. He uses it. He wastes not so you can want not. Can you envision the climb? One step after another … put one foot in front of the other … higher and higher … stepping through the darkness of the 3 and into the bright light of the 5, where you can see … really see …

See what He’s done for you, through you, in spite of you.

For this new year, new you.

Reach out and take hold of His gentle fingers, beckoning you …

Be the one.

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 2 Timothy 4:7


Do you ever feel stuck as a 3-star? Does it loom over you? Do you receive daily reminders? What helps you reach that 5-star? And aren’t you thankful God sticks it out with us?

10 thoughts on “When Your Heart Longs for a 5-Star

  1. I never thought much about achieving five stars in anything until I applied that to my walk with God. Would I really be satisfied with a three star effort? A clearer perspective of myself left me wanting and needing more than a half hearted relationship with my Lord.


  2. Oh, Gene … I so get you. I remember the first Beth Moore video Bible study I watched … I was some 28 years old. And I thought–I want to love God like that. “Taste and see that the Lord is good” … and when you do, you can't be satisfied with anything less. 🙂


  3. Shelli, you have touched my heart with needed encouragement once again. I want to camp out in these words: “Be the one your Heavenly Father just can't put down. Be the one wrapped around His tiniest finger. Be the one that makes His chest puff with heavenly pride. Be the one that He can't wait to use, can't wait to share…”


  4. Aww … Becky. You have no idea what that means to me. Coming from you. I hope you know you made my day. I've been working on another manuscript … and I really needed that encouragement. I pray God blesses you for it. xoxo


  5. Andrew … thank you. I thought about you when I wrote this … you are being the one … that five star … and you are living it out in front of my very eyes. I'm so proud of you. I'm so proud of the way God is using you, through all that you are enduring daily. He's using you to build marriages, to salvage marriages, to help caregivers, to help the terminally ill. You are that five star. And I'm blessed to know you.


  6. Oh, Shelli, I am so honoured…you brought needed light to a difficult day. Thank you so much.

    My first attempt at spelling 'difficult' was 'dafficult'…it did have some daffy qualities, including a piece of firewood that declined to be brought inside, snagged on the door, and snapped back into my nose. But the nose has been broken so many times…it didn't make a difference!


  7. That sounds like many of my days. And for what it's worth, my nose looks like it's been broken. Maybe it was when I was little. I remember falling out of bed and hitting hard linoleum floor once … broke a baby tooth doing that. 🙂


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