Take the Bad with the Good!

It was the worst sunburn I ever had. I don’t have a picture of it, and you can thank me for that. You see, I had on capris. I had my leg crossed over the other, sitting prim and proper on that bleacher for the air show. Uh-huh, Southern belle style. It was April. The weather was neither hot nor cold, and it was a little cloudy. All perfect conditions for a sunburn. And I never once thought my lower leg or foot would need something like sunscreen.

After returning home, my left leg, just above my ankle, was beet red, as well as my foot. It swelled up like a red balloon. There was no way I was going to the doctor for a sunburn. No degree of sunburn on my lower leg could drag me there. I used Aloe Vera on the sunburned area all night long … because I woke up in a sweat every hour on the hour.

After days of swelling, I remembered I had medication for swelling from my broken tailbone. This was another injury phase of my life, I suppose. I took that medication, and the swelling went down immediately.

But through the pain of that sunburn, my smile never departed. And I’m going to tell you why.

First off, my baby girl is a cancer survivor. That is cause for pause and reason to smile. Glory hallelujah! Not only that … that baby girl is adopted … thought I’d never have a #2 baby. So I’m doubly blessed.

Secondly, she had received a Make-A-Wish for being a cancer survivor. It wasn’t enough that we spent a whole week at Disney World and Universal Studios, her being treated like the princess that she is … but …

These amazing kids raised the funds for Katelyn’s Make-A-Wish trip. What a sweet mission!

thirdly, we were invited to an air show with the Thunderbirds. Yes, you read that right. Our very own air show … just for Make-A-Wish children. What a precious ministry for hurt children!

Now you know why I’m smiling about that sunburn.

As the pilots taxied the runway, they waved at the kids who were sitting on the bleachers.

Do you see him waving here? Precious.

And when they returned, one of the pilots gave our daughter the flag that he took in flight with him. Is that beautiful, or what?

Karalee holding the flag at this point. And Katelyn still had the sweet gap between her front teeth! And I’m taking the picture.
The bad with the good. The sunburn with the air show. The cancer with my beautiful daughter.

It’s just part of earthly life, isn’t it?

They link shoulder to shoulder, arm and arm, leg and leg. We live and we die. Go on and smile about the things deemed bad, the parts of life that scare us, that cause us to shudder, because it has to remind you of the good.

Were we prepared for cancer? No way. But God was with us in the flight. And with Him, we came through this side of heaven on more than a wing and a prayer.

4 thoughts on “Take the Bad with the Good!

  1. Shelli, this post is packed full of goodies: motherly love, princesses, Mickey Mouse, men in uniform, blessings, and answered prayers along with a triumph over cancer. You've made me smile—big. Thank you for reminding me of God's goodness.
    Blessings & hugs ~ Wendy ❀


  2. Your word choice here was incredible. I liked “more than a wing and a prayer.” So thankful for your daughter's healing. It is amazing from Jacob to us how God provides for our needs. When something was meant for bad, he can bring good out of it.

    By the way, one of my little great nieces (under 5) is in her second year with lymphoma cancer treatments. She's quite the warrior. They too applied to Make a Wish, but every time they plan to go do their activity, it flares up, so they've put it on hold.

    Precious pictures.


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