The View

Life is sprinkled with seasons.

When I was a child, I ran to the front living room window to watch my daddy drive away. The drive away would be forever. I was only about eight years old. I stood at the window, watching him leave, and crying my heart out.

“My daddy, my daddy, I love you.”

It’s hard to look out a set of glass doors without being reminded of the event.

But the Lord had just replaced my shaky foundation with His solid foundation, and He saw me through. Though it took years, God truly used the situation to reveal to me that “He” was all I needed. He was my true love.

When life seems bad, when life is tough, when life hurts, what will we see? What will we choose to see? We can’t often change the view, but we can adjust our view.

Sometimes, we look out the window to only see the bitter cold.

Sometimes, we look out the window to only see rain.

But it’s nice to come to some place in time where we can look out the window to only see and rest in God’s mercy and grace.

The Son.

Dedicated to my dear friend Denise, who just endured brain surgery for a tumor behind her eye, with the most amazing view I’ve ever seen. She’ll have another surgery in March. Please keep her in your prayers.

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