This winter has been so hard on me. I’m supposing it’s from my surgery back in March. Am I still in recovering mode? Surely not. That’s almost been a year ago. Maybe it’s all part of the aging process. Maybe my blood is thinning. But I will say that after almost a year, my stomach is finally healing. Foods aren’t hurting like before. Maybe I’ll be able to shed the medicine soon.
Can you see me smiling? This last week has brought beautiful temperatures here in Texas. I could walk outside without being in pain. I could walk the trail again. I could give the sheep more than five quick minutes of my time. And it’s the funniest thing because the sheep can hear me inside the house. They hear me cough, and they stand up. They wait like puppy dogs at the fence, in hopes of seeing a glimpse of me (and the rest of the family, too, but I’m guilty of spoiling them a tad bit).
It’s a relief to be pain free from the brutal cold. I’m so ready for spring. Are you?
We can also endure cold snaps in our lives. I feel like I’ve been living through the longest cold snap of my life. And I see spring, and I can’t wait to get there and shed the blankets that have wrapped me. I want to be free from the cold.
My dad’s birthday is this week, and I didn’t send anything to him. It’s too late. I’ll call him. But I feel like a total failure. He’s been going through a definite cold snap. His wife of many years has left him.

A dear friend in Spokane, WA, will be enduring surgery on February 18th. Please pray for Denise W. There is a tumor behind her eye. The doctors think it’s benign. But her hair will be shaved, incisions, scars, black eye, blurry vision … pain is in her future. And I love this lady.
I spent an evening with my beautiful cousin this last week. Her mother, my aunt, is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. Yet, she blessed me so. I laughed so hard all evening. I thought I might need a paper sack to breathe into. I needed that. I needed her.
This post probably makes not a lick of sense. I’ll share with you that I’m working on a new manuscript, and it’s taking all my sense and sensibility. And we just returned from a trip to Disney World. It’s probably our last trip there for some time because our girls are nearly grown and we’re looking at college and cars. But I want to show you a few things that bring warmth to my life.
We call this the “Yeti” … it’s actually Expedition Everest. It’s a fun roller coaster. You go mostly backwards. It’s a blast.
This is the Rockin’ Roller Coaster. It’s my very favorite because it’s indoors, in the dark, with rock ‘n roll playing, and bright lights flashing. You go through loops–upside down. I feel like I’m flying, like I’m totally free. And it’s the most amazing experience. I imagine Heaven giving me a feeling like this.
This is the Tower of Terror. It’s not scary, but you drop FLOORS while sitting in an elevator. You come at least five inches off your seat. You go way up and see a shred of light from outside in the park; you go way down. Have mercy! I have never liked the feeling of my stomach being taken, so I laugh and scream through this whole ride. And I’m sure I leave imprints of where my fingers were holding on to dear life. I hope Heaven doesn’t give me a feeling like this.
But the feeling of my stomach being taken reminds me of my dad … he’d fly over the old roads that led to my grandmother’s house … and I’d leave my stomach on each hill. And that makes me smile.

This is one of my favorite restaurants at Disney, The Crystal Palace, because all the Winnie the Pooh characters come around and hug you. I feel like a little child here. And I leave with a Pooh belly.
Here I am at a tiny bookstore in Mobile, Alabama. I look ragged, but the ragged books are beautiful.

This is taken from the Renaissance Hotel in Mobile, Alabama. Out there is the USS Alabama. I love this place. I sleep looking out the window at the water and lights. I watch the ships. I wake up through the night to it. This is where the conclusion of my new work takes place. Makes my heart smile.

And down there, is a beautiful city park. And it’s always filled with the homeless. Some are sleeping. They are all hidden away in the bushes. If I hadn’t been warned, I’d never know. They are going through definite cold snaps. Heart-breaking.
But spring is coming.

4 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Shelli, I'm experiencing the aging process. My metabolism has quit working. Oh, the agony of not fitting into my clothes! I'm working on it though. Fifteen more pounds to go. And I've got time before spring comes here. Hopefully by then I won't cringe at photos of a fat old lady. Okay, maybe that's a bit of hyperbole, but boy, am I hungry.


  2. Oh Terri, I feel your pain. I can't eat much anymore either, in order to keep weight off, unless I really step up the exercise. And I don't see that happening yet! 🙂 I should, but right now, I think I'd rather eat less than work out more. Ugh. I miss the days of being able to eat all and anything. 🙂 You blessed me, Terri. Keep up the good work. And yeah, I know if I go to bed hungry, I've succeeded in eating less that day. 🙂


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