This post is about me. I’m sorry! But the sweetest lady and writer friend, Cynthia Herron, tagged me last week to share 20 random things about myself. Bear with me!
And by the way, Cynthia’s list is fun and sweet, so I’m linking it here, “The 25 Tidbit Challenge.”

1. How tall are you?

I’m 5’5″ and praying I stay that way. After 46 years, I found out earlier this year that I have scoliosis … slight curvature of the spine at the top and bottom.

2. Do you have a hidden talent? What is it?

Brace yourself.

Do you remember “Froggy” from The Little Rascals? I can talk just like him. It hurts my throat though.

This is so non-feminine, but I can burp any time I want to. You simply swallow air. And I can make that noise under my arm. I’ll leave it at that. These talents were appreciated in my youth. Close friends requested my talented demonstrations!

(I don’t like the word “burp” and am completely embarrassed that I wrote it here … and when my daughters were little, I taught them to avoid that word and instead to say “I had ‘air'” … yes, I did.)

3. What is your biggest blog-related pet-peeve?

Spam comments

4. What is your biggest non-blog-related pet peeve?

When people smack their food. It has bothered me since I was a kid. It gives me chills. I’m sorry!

5. What’s your favorite song?

The More I Seek You by Kari Jobe … but I love any song that makes me soar.

6. What’s your favorite Etsy shop that isn’t yours?

What is Esty?

7. What’s your favorite way to spend free time when you’re alone?

Reading, writing, and arithmetic … just kidding!

But I do love to read, write, and watch Property Brothers on HGTV … the girls are begging me to find a way to be on “the brother’s” show. They really just miss our granite countertops! And well, they may have a slight crush on the brothers. 🙂

8. What’s your favorite junk food?

Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream … Blue Bell or Baskin Robbins … I’ve loved it since I was a child. The first cone I ever got had mint chocolate chip … I took the first lick, and my ice cream scoop fell on Baskin Robbins’s floor right there in the Tyler, Texas, mall. They gave me a new scoop.

9. Do you have a pet or pet(s)? If so, what kind and what are their names?

Yes, I now have three cats and two sheep.

Sandy, the beige sheep, and Bindi, the black sheep of the family

Shelli with Sandy

Aslan with the two kittens we found back in the summer, Blue and Hermione.
For those of you who remember when we found them, they are really getting big, aren’t they?!
And they are the sweetest things. Aslan still isn’t crazy about them.
10. What is your #1 favorite fiction and non-fiction books?

This question is so unfair. Out of order, non-fiction has to go to Beth Moore … she helped me fall in love with God. Any of her works make me love Him more.
Shelli and Karalee with Beth 2010 at Life Today taping
Beth hugging on Karalee and Katelyn … one of the sweetest moments of my life.
I began her Bible studies before the girls were born …
using them to help seek God’s direction in my life.
Fiction? I loved Savannah by Eugenia Price. And believe it or not, Scarlett, the sequel to Gone With The Wind. I really don’t have favorites though.

11. What is your favorite beauty product?

I clean my face with Cetaphil every night.

12. When were you last embarrassed?

A few weeks ago, at a high school football game, I accidentally walked into the men’s restroom.
13. If you could drink one beverage (besides water) for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Diet grape soda
14. What’s your favorite movie?

Peter Pan (Disney version) … I laugh so much through this movie. When Nana the dog waves … hilarious. The girls and I often wave like that … we know where “the wave” came from!
15. What were you in high school: prom queen, nerd, cheerleader, jock, valedictorian, band geek, loner, artist, prep?

In high school, though I had many friends, I was a bit of a loner at times. My parents divorced right before middle school, and when my mother remarried, we had to move to another city. We moved from Tyler, Texas, to Terrell, Texas. So, I was trying to find my way in life. However, I was in the drill team, honor society, voted “Homecoming Queen,” “Most Beautiful,” and “Class Favorite.”

I don’t know how that happened. Only God can do something with seemingly nothing. I was truly a disaster on the inside. My family falling apart was tragic to my heart.

16. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

I love Texas. I can’t imagine living anywhere else except in a little cottage with two mice at Disney World! But where my husband goes, I go; and where God leads, I hope to follow.

17. PC or Mac?

PC, but I have never used a Mac … so I can’t really say I have a preference.

18. Last romantic gesture from a crush, date, boy/girlfriend, spouse?

When I was fishing … the day after, my husband said that he loved watching me fish and was reminded of our early days. We have been married for nearly 28 years.

19. Favorite celebrity?

Mickey Mouse

Karalee and Katelyn with Mickey … on Katelyn’s Make-A-Wish trip.
Katelyn is our cancer survivor.


Oh, I like Johnny Depp, too.

20. What blogger do you secretly want to be best friends with?

My blogger friends are becoming my very dearest friends. I’ve only met one in person.

Donna Pyle and me at Beth Moore’s Siesta Scripture Gathering 2010 …
my hair and the humidity=lovely

However, I would like my best friends to blog, too. 🙂

Your turn! If you are up to it, tell me one random thing about yourself! 

13 thoughts on “Random

  1. I love chocolate milk. I could drink it every day, but… I'm allergic to chocolate and milk (as well as wheat, corn, soy). A little now and then won't hurt, but if I get lax, I can expect abdominal cramping. And too much chocolate can trigger a migraine. Sigh.


  2. Thank you, Terri, for sharing! I love chocolate milk, too! But I'm a bit lactose intolerant, and it can hurt me at times, too.

    I didn't know chocolate could trigger migraines … hm. I have migraines. hm. Sigh. 🙂


  3. My “20” will be coming out this weekend. No pictures, though. With a nickname like “mongo”, that's probably for the best.

    I track with you on Etsy…what IS it?

    And I have an unpublished MS set in…drum roll, please…Tyler!

    So, one thing…I'm 5'10″ but have rugby forward shoulders, so from a distance I look a bit like Gimli, minus the beard. A Mongolian Gimli.

    If you stop by my blog, could you let me know how you like the “accidental new look”. Blogger defeated me when I was trying to make a minor change, and made a major one on my behalf. But it is a bit cool. I think so, anyway.



  4. Thanks, Shelli! I'll be keeping it. I like it, too.

    There are some pictures coming in my “20” post…but they are of Josie and Reebok, the Terrible Twins (Ridgeback sisters).

    They are a bit high-energy. When barb went to her Mom's funeral, a former student of mine from Abilene came to help with the dogs. He's 6'3″, and about 250#.

    He just called Josie and Reebok, “THEM”.


  5. They are an interesting pair. They are BIG now, but Josie insists on being carried back into the house after she goes outside.

    We're just in the next state over to the west, so I'm sure that you'll meet Barb some day.


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