Recent appendicitis afforded me a glorious trip …
in an ambulance.
The two EMTs were delightful,
handled me with care,
and transferred me from hospital bed to stretcher
as though I weighed no more than a mere leaf.
I wasn’t in tremendous pain on the trip
from one hospital ER location to the main hospital.
No major bumps in the road.
The ride was smooth.
The trip was peaceful.
Arriving at the hospital, the red carpet rolled out …
medical people came from every location to meet me at the door …
to offer aid …
to care for me.
I felt so important.
I couldn’t offer thanks enough.
Weeks later …
my husband said,
“I had a hard time keeping up with the ambulance.”
I said, “What? Really? The sirens weren’t on.”
He said, “The lights were on.”
I had no idea.
I didn’t feel I was an extreme emergency.
I didn’t realize they were treating me that way.
In my mind, they were simply driving me to the other location.
Little did I know that the lights were on.
Thinking back,
I realized I never felt us stop at an intersection …
We didn’t stop.
We sailed smoothly through every intersection
and didn’t stop until we safely reached the main hospital.
It all made sense.

At Easter …

we should realize we are important to God.
Much is going on behind the scenes …
that we may or may never realize.
It may be years before we realize
something God has done on our behalf …
to offer aid
to keep us safe
to handle us with care
to offer peace
to show His love
to make a way
to accomplish His purpose in us
to accomplish His purpose


Have you ever been given a gift you didn’t realize?
You didn’t understand?
A dear friend once gave me a gift …
a bracelet.
And it’s one of the sweetest presents

I’ve ever received …
handmade and presented, in love, by a dear friend.

However, when I first evaluated it, I didn’t realize it …
I didn’t understand it.

She quickly explained it to me.
She helped me realize it.
It all made sense.
And she included instructions in the bracelet package …
to help me always remember.

Start on the left to realize the meaning with me …
There were 3 wise men
who saw a star in the East.
They took 3 gifts to …
 the King.
He was a Carpenter
and a Fisherman.
He had 12 Disciples that He taught
the Truth.
He shed His blood
on the Cross
and died for our sins.
In 3 days He rose from the dead
and ascended to the Heavens
and now sits at the right hand of God.
And He did all of this for LOVE.
This is what Jesus did for you and me.
The Father had the plan …
The Son carried out the plan …
It all makes sense …
We were an emergency
and the light was turned on …
 for us …
to offer aid
to keep us safe
to handle us with care
to offer peace
to show His love
to make a way
to accomplish His purpose in us
to accomplish His purpose
Jesus is a beautiful present.
Jesus is the light.
Instructions were left, God’s Word,
handmade and presented
by the One
who yearns to be our dearest friend
to help us realize what He did for us and why …
Accept Him.
Seek Him.
Love Him.
Meet with Him.
Sail with Him.
Work with Him.
Roll out the red carpet for Him.
Thank Him.
It only makes sense.
Celebrate Easter!
He is Risen!

4 thoughts on “Realize

  1. I wish I knew, Andrew. I'd love to make some, too. I'll contact my friend and see if she remembers if it was a kit or if she bought the pieces separately … I just love it! If I find out, I'll let you know.


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