We are in the midst of an ice storm
In Texas.
We are so blessed to still have electricity.
We are doubly blessed to have a warm home
To have food 
To have each other
To have
To have Jesus.

We have to be prepared for life’s storms.
They will come.
What will hold us up through life’s storms?
The storms that weigh heavy
The storms that threaten to break us
The storms that cloud everything living
The storms that seek to bind
“The Lord is my shepherd
Psalm 23
Simple as that.
In other words:
Lord, you are all I need.

Through the cold
He brings warmth
He brings life
He brings stability
He brings freedom

To have

And it is that simple.
We can’t trust ourselves.
We can’t even trust what we think about
Over-rated is self-esteem
So unpredictable it seems
It will lie to you whenever it deems

Self is here
Self is there
Self is everywhere

Self can’t be trusted
Was given a chance, but got busted
For after others it lusted

Christ-esteem is a worthy endeavor
He doesn’t change, the same forever
Will He lie to you? No, not ever

Is a lethal infection
That needs a Christ injection

By Shelli Littleton Copyright 2013

Only in God can we trust.

We can have
each other
self esteem

But without Jesus
We are utterly destitute.

See the big picture

2 thoughts on “Storms

  1. Very well said, Shelli!

    So many people – including professed Christians – worship at the altar of the Self, and end up in an endless descending spiral that can only have one end.

    One end, that is, but for God's grace.


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