Our Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving was not normal
But it was nice.
With family scattered,
Our family of four spent the day “home alone.”
We didn’t prepare quite the “traditional” meal.
We fixed ham, mashed potatoes and brown gravy, macaroni and cheese,
And Sister Schubert’s rolls
And topped that off with pecan pie.
Then we broke out all our Christmas boxes
And the Christmas tree!
A snake skin was sticking like glue
To our Christmas box that had been in the garage!
After taking a country walk with the sheep,
And taking a nap
We turned on “It’s a Wonderful Life” as always …
Karalee chose the first ornament
Here is the first ornament …
Stockings hung

Our cat Lucy already under the tree

Aslan and Lucy under the tree …

Our stack of Christmas books to read throughout the season …
I believe every one was given to me by
 my sweet mother.
She loves Jesus. 

Karalee placing the star …

The star lit up … yay!

My favorites …

Ornaments from years past …


My sweet husband began wrapping three presents.
The girls were so excited.
He let us open the presents because
We should celebrate Christmas every day.

We were blessed with movie tickets, $2 bills for a movie snack, and fuzzy socks!

All lit up inside …

And shining brighter through the darkness …
We hope you had a very special Thanksgiving!
And that your heart is preparing
For what lies ahead …
Our Jesus is breathtaking
Our Jesus is captivating
Our Jesus is heart-capturing

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