Our baby girl is a cancer survivor.
She was only 13 months old when diagnosed.
Wilms kidney tumor.
She is 13 years old today.
We praise God.
Katelyn at only 13 months old.
Katelyn with her oncologist. 13 years old.
Things have sailed fairly smoothly since that horrid tragedy.
And it was tragic.
Yearly check-up went great.
12 years cancer-free!
We rejoice!
Got a phone call …
Protein in only kidney elevated.
Life-threatening scare.

We fear rejoicing too much.

I am on my face in prayer.
That is one precious child.
That is one precious kidney.



And we are grateful for prayers lifted on her behalf.

Week goes by …
Got a phone call …
Crystals were present.
Indication of future kidney stones?
Not life-threatening
But wearisome.
Are things going to be okay?
Why all this?
Got a phone call …
And we praise God.

Felt like the world’s longest tennis match.
Heads going back and forth.
Where is this going to land?

Told that baby girl
We are putting this behind us
Till next year.
And your prayers are coveted.
These times are a gift.
These times test our faith.
These times put us on our faces
Desperate for God
And we are desperate for Him.

And because God is our joy, we can always rejoice.
Regardless of circumstances at hand.
May we never be robbed of joy.
May we never be too fearful to rejoice.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,
who have been called according to his purpose.
Romans 8:28

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