Just Dance

We have had a blast with the kids’ new Wii game, Just Dance Kids! It’s a competition to see who can follow the dance steps more closely and score the most points … presenting the winner! Having a drill team background, even years and years ago, has given me an advantage over my girls. I usually win! And I consider myself non-competitive! Ha! We really get tickled when my husband steps in to score. He is very competitive and usually comes in last. Well, he really threw us for a loop recently. The girls and I were dancing … he was logged in as a player, but opted out. He was sitting behind us in his lazy chair. Well, come the end of the dance, sweat dripping, “he” is in second place! Say what?! I looked behind me to gaze upon him reclining and jiggling the controller … and lest I forget to mention, laughing himself silly! He said, “And I didn’t start jiggling the remote until half-way through the song.” In other words, had he started jiggling the remote from the beginning he would have beat us girls (won!) … all the while sitting nice and comfy in his lazy chair!

Well, as usual, it got me thinking on Jesus. Our walk with Him.

Speaking to a group of young girls recently trying to encourage them in their walk with God, I was met with many blank stares. I wanted them to know how God’s Word has the power to change their lives. It’s not hard. You can even sit in your lazy chair to score huge points, so to speak. Oh, we know God isn’t on a point system like the Wii game … but oh, the simple act of reading His Word, even in your lazy chair, with a sincere and earnest heart has huge impact. When you care enough to KNOW Him … to read His Word and want to hear from Him … He will speak to you. And He promises He will reward you. You will win!

My husband had an appt at a huge hospital yesterday in Dallas. We could not find a parking spot to save our lives. The parking lot was filling up with cars simply driving around trying to find a parking spot, to no avail. There were cars parked in illegal places simply because they gave up and made do, legal or not. My husband was getting irritated. I told him, “Get out of the car and go to your appointment. I will take over, find us a parking spot, and we will meet you inside.” He agreed and got out. As I took over the driver spot and watched him walk away, I was nervous. The parking lot was so busy. And as I mentioned, this is a huge hospital in a big city. And I am a small town girl. As we neared the parking lot area … I said to the girls, “Let’s pray.” I had already been praying, and Karalee told me that she had been praying, too, earlier. But this time, we started praying out loud. “Lord Jesus, please open a spot for us.”

As I neared the next parking aisle, I saw a truck departing. I turned quickly to see where he had left from. I figured it was a handicap parking spot … it was so close to the entrance … just had to be too good to be true. But no, it was a regular parking spot. I pulled in … and immediately, two parking spaces in front of me opened up. I was blown away. The amazing part … there wasn’t a single car around to compete with. I had the choice of not one, but three, parking spots … directly in front of the hospital which meant no long walk with two girls and backpacks of things to occupy our time there.

The Lord showed me, as many times before, that when you ask … He will answer. And when two or more are gathered … even in the simple things. We don’t have to get irritated and sweat it! And let me tell you … you have never seen three more excited girls! We were praising our Lord and Savior for the precious answered prayer and granted favor – hooting, hollering, and dancing for our Jesus.

When we walk with our God … in the light of His Word … He will give us reason to “Just Dance”!

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