A Toddler’s Cancer Changes a Family

** Update … when you click on this link, on the left side, click on year “2010” and Issue “04, Oct-Dec” … hope you are blessed.

Katelyn in hospital April 2001

I have a new article out with Chinese Christian Mission about our daughter Katelyn’s battle with cancer. Once you click on this link, look to the left and click on my article’s title, “A Toddler’s Cancer Changes a Family.”

Katelyn 2009
Katelyn was only 13 months old when we discovered she had a Wilm’s tumor.  If I look extremely pale in the picture above, just know that I am very fair-skinned and my make-up may have been too light, but I had been so sick.

I pray you are blessed by the article. And if you would like a copy of the publication, Challenger, with the article and pictures included, just call them or email them through their website, and they will send you one for free in the mail.

Love, Shelli

Brian blowing bubbles!

Katelyn (10) and Karalee (12) 2010

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