True Love

This is absolutely the sweetest thing my husband has ever done for me.
Spontaneous. Surprising. Glorious!
We were painting a section of our kitchen wall red.
Taking a break, I sat down at the office computer.
Eventually, the girls came in and blocked me from leaving the room.
After tickling them silly, I broke free to see such a sweet masterpiece of love!


I ran so excitedly to grab my camera –
and this is the love I captured!
This is one sweet memory I’ll never forget.
And it’s going to be mighty hard to paint over.
It may take me several days to figure out what to do about this …

This melted my heart more than anything he’s ever done for me.
I guess I’m easy to please … but it feels like, after 23 years …
true love!
Yahoo! That’s my “B”!

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